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Five Ways to Relax


I lo- people on the youtube soon. Yo coming to you throw a Jonah growth in an empty hall and again I feel a bit like a food talking to Nobody feels really weird. Maybe of you are by yourself right now. Pause the video and just talk to talk to a wall or something and you get some idea of how I feel or you're in a car. Just talk to your steering wheel something like that. That's a bit awkward. But just imagine people listening to this and Ought to give this talk yesterday. And then My first initial reaction was. Are we still doing? Those talks aren't enough talks on the Internet by now. Because I've been away for a while and I didn't realize we're still doing these talks For having to do with the corona virus and at some point you. You've heard dot at like me. I've heard also money talks over the years. Its onboard. You're like I don't need any more talks. Why why do we need the talks to keep coming but don't get me wrong? I'm happy happy to we talking here although talking to To An empty hall. But it's I'm happy to do it but sometimes you like do we need to do. We need to keep expanding our knowledge. Do we need to always keep hearing more and more stuff about Dhamma or do we just reach a point where we just practice instead and just let go of all these stocks? I like all the Buddhist tech sweater. Monks nuns delay people. They would come to to Buddha and just give me a short teaching and With that Short teaching just practice and they just do that short teaching and went to a quiet place. Practice for a long time and And they usually vacation a light and just just by debt. So that shows you that. We don't need too much teachings and as I said sometimes it's just Maybe the Dhamma teachings are more sometimes for entertainment instead of information and sometimes also the opposite. You get so many talks. Catch a bit boring after a while. I mean Jim Rome. He's a great teacher but sometimes I just like Not a not a talker. I JUST WANT TO MEDITATE. Stay in my heart but Usually always still funny to talk. Extenua- reminds me of Of A little store your little joke. Actually that I heard a while ago and I've been teaching That I've been telling people and it's about the man who goes through the doctor and comes through the doctrine says Dr. My heart is burning and on my stomach. It's not good. It's like painful and my knees doctor. Can you please check me out? I don't think I'm very well. Doctor says okay. Do sit over here. I'll show we. He takes his art fame. You know what do you call it? Stethoscope or something too hard. You take this Paul's blood pressure. All these things that doctors do and then the doctor says sorry. I've got some bad news for you. Oh no the man. What is it? The doctor sure you've only got six more months to Leith. Demand is no only six months. Doctor Dr What can I do? And the doctor says what you can do is listen to talks by the monks of the voting Monastery and non of the W. A. Especially the talks of junior and imagine like. Why will that make me leave any longer will make me better and the doctor says it will make you any better. But at least it'll be the longest six months of your life and I just love that because you know sometimes all talk stuff. It just gets a bit boring. But it's like when you meditate. Sometimes it's the opposite doesn't seem long at all at the same time seems to fly by like this morning. I woke up really early. And you started. Meditating straight away Because I felt really awake all right usually when I wake up and meditated for maybe two hours or something just flew by my alarm clock to go for The work matching went Yeah felt like only like forty minutes or something or less even so this is something something shows you that meditation can be really enjoyable because you know when you enjoy yourself. That's one time flies down. They say that's at least that's Dr Expression kitching expression as well time flies by. That's right when you're having fun but maybe there is some truth. Actually in doctor's advice of listening to dumber talks to make you Physically better as well. I'm just making a bit of a joke out of it. I think that can be some truth in it as well because meditation we can learn to. Relax. Our body undermined especially in relation of the body is so so good for Helping you to fight illnesses and also to prevent illnesses in the first place

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