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U.S. Coronavirus death toll surpasses 87,000; Trump claims fully approved vaccine available to public by years end; White House defends scrapping of Obama pandemic playbook. - burst 3


Concerns that the Abbott Labs Corona virus test used by the White House produces potentially inaccurate results. False negatives for example. The president said. It's a great test that can be very rapidly double checked those were his words. Can Attest simply be double-checked is that how medical testing is supposed to work. Well I think bad. The president means there is another test that you default to so if this one test ends up having a particular result there's another test that can be done to double check it but I think that the whole issue of testing the White House. I'm glad that the president is still talking about it because I think it's something that the American people should really model. What the White House has this daily test for staff members? I think that's what the American people are also asking for this type of reassurance. Ideally we have as reliable a test as possible. Certainly we do not want to have any false negatives. We don't want to falsely reassure people that they're negative when they're not what we want rapid test. That's point of care so you find out those results within minutes and it's widely available. Ideally people can get tested as they go to school. Go to work. If that's what the White House needs in order for the president who feels safe then. I think that's what the American people are saying that we need in order to feel safe returning to school into work too because as you pointed out Sanjay and others have pointed out what about fifteen percent of those who get this this rapid test get. What's called that that false negative they? They're told all your fine go ahead. You go home and you spend the next several days potentially giving this virus to other people. You may be a symptomatic in the process. That's a serious problem. Yeah that's exactly the problem wolf and I should point out that the FDA put out an alert about this this Abbot. Id Now test as well saying that practitioners need to be aware that it's been giving as Lina said these. These false negatives

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