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197. Your Fat Friend #2 - We talk about whiteness - Part 1


You cut off all the people who have unjust viewpoints, and they are only listening to other people who make them feel good about the garbage things they think as white people. It can feel really satisfying to be like blocks. I'm not going to deal with my aunt anymore or whatever, and that doesn't actually functionally do or change anything for anybody you are listening to made of human also known as the move pod up podcast hosted by SOFI. Who is a Danish comedian? PA. PA. Thing I need to tell you about this particular episode. which you're about to hear, is that in the background you will I mean fairly often more than I'd like. Be Able to hear. Screams from the Fox's in my garden This is recorded at ten. PM might time And that's where the foxes have small gathering outside of my window. Why they just have a enough to come sation in screams screams only. At so that is the songs you can hear in the background. serve that we've tried not mentioned too much, but sometimes it'll be the you might also hear sounds of my. Stomach rumbling so easily. Groaning growling anyways my stomach 'cause I'm we would quoted this right after dinner. Those are the two sort of things about this podcast that those are the least uncomfortable things about this entire podcast. This. Conversation as a special special episode special episode in a Lotta ways another things not what they're used to being. Festival is a two potter. We get into in a bit, it's a conversation between me and your fat friend who is? A still anonymous fat activists you have on the podcast before when she thought about fatness, which is what she mostly writes about she has done a lot of work. community wake and what was to be completely honest with you? Is it has been a week? Which means mental health, wise and a lot of other things, it has not been the best way for me so I've spent it on time in bed. doing nothing into sort of handling my brain meaning that. Today the Sunday before the Wednesday that an episode. This meant to come out. I had nothing. And I needed to send an episode tomorrow. And I had nothing so I did this. I'm fortunate. In a lot of people who have very very interesting in that I can always asked to have on the podcast so I put a post on Instagram, saying if you're a close friend of mine in your interesting. Get in touch because I need a i. need someone who can do this podcast day. And you have had friend reached out. and. I was Pathak. You're amazing and. We set it up. And I got a message from her. Saying this feels like something we this feels like it's time. We should not be doing this unless we talk about whiteness. And I was like fucking. Hell. That's right, absolutely okay, let's do it and then had a couple of hours of thinking. Oh, it's the right thing to do. And your fat friend had the same thoughts. and. I came to the conclusion. that. It was the only thing we could do because. I know that my audience is. Predominantly White! So, I, the of you listening to this right now that you know. You will most likely be white. As white people? This is the time to start talking about that despite it being uncomfortable. Despite US wanting not to do it. And it became. Too Soon listen ten thousand fifteen minutes. Long conversation. It felt a lot shorter than that have to say. It was. Sort of uncomfortable throughout. But it was also. Well you know what I'm not gonNA say too much about it. Because throughout the as we continuously reflect on the fact that we are even doing this podcast, so I'm not going to repeat everything. This is recorded right after I've hung up on your friend, so I'm not going to switch into it, but what I do want to say here at the beginning. Is It's to potter meaning that. We're going to have to cut. This to pass things obviously into two pots, and it's a conversation that is very. Sort of delicate very flawed, very. Brutally, honest. And it doesn't feel good to know that it's going to be stopped halfway through and then won't be able to listen to the next bit for a week. because. That might be things we've said in the first half that we then reflect on in the second half. The entire ending of it is US reflecting on. The fact that we've done this. Which I would love to hear immediately, but due to a lot of different things to do with both sketching to do with. This topic being something that should not have been forgotten next week. And something that. It's it's it's. It has so many. Feeling Senate and it is so uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable to talk. About might be uncomfortable to listen to. And it's. It's I. Think it's good that there will be a weeks. Break between them what I will say. It's just bear in mind that. This one hour that you're about to listen to is not the finished thought. And there's more coming. That is not to say. That is not me saying. Like you know, wait and see. Don't call me out. One thousand percent. Call me out. One thousand percent and another friend is. she's going to when she received when she has this. She's also gonNA. Make sure that you all know that we are both very very open to being called out. And we know there is no way of to white people talk about does not going to be. To some extent, and we are ready to accept that and to learn from it and. All of that..

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