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I everybody should I yesterday yesterday? Talk about yesterday for a stop? Let me introduce myself. And I'm the host of this particular. Crypto shut, and it's the try to call cryptic. Okay. Now. I've got a couple of things to say before I talked about yesterday. I wanted to do this. You will recall. You will recall. A little while back. We didn't have T- ex- allies. Event where you could get in there. You could get the full checklist in the full crypto cried presented by me. And asked me question, and than you could get stuck in. Now Know Hape- of you opened up your Jake's accounts. Have you tried to have you been using that account if naught. Your issues are and why why do using it? Is it still? This is a genuine question I'd love. Nothing more than to have the Admin at tried to call dot Com inbox chockablock. Tomorrow when I get up in the morning. With questions because it makes me help, so it makes me understand where you're at and where you get stuck. You gotta remember. It's been a long time since the beginning okay climbed over those hurdles along Tom ago for me. I had a very clear. View, and goal of what I wanted to shave and that was to be fulltime tied up so i. wasn't you let anything stop me, but that was made. I know a lot of bother I remember. I saw to try to win. Os Young I'd no kids no dependence. I had no issues I was in London I just got on with stuff. The biggest issue I had was which was gonna guy to what was I. GonNa Watch when it came to football. Real football, just cold soccer in Australia. That's the real football was cold is a foot. It's a bowl. You can only play soccer with your foot and bowl. It's the true definition of foot ball. Get over it. But you get my point like I was in a very different mindset. I want to understand what is stopping you because then I can help you to understand what you need to do. To. Get going and create that content for you. Ask Me you tell me. What are the issues? What's stopping you from getting going? What's stopping you from taking you I tried on that account? I will help you with that if I don't know where you get stuck. I can't help you so because Admin at try to call DOT.

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