Then there's a third degree murder


But no in the system likely contributed to his death in other words this very well could be a case that looks like Eric garner in which the police took a guide to the ground and then used in proper police procedure but he didn't actually die of the stranglehold in this case it's possible the George why didn't actually die of asphyxiation died because the guy's knee was on his neck which is obviously a soft these are all facts are gonna come up in the case and it is important for the public to know this stuff is not gambling activity the officer it's important for the public to know this stuff because the public at this point is firmly convinced that this man will be charged with the highest level of murder there will be he will be easily connected but it is worth while loading the facts of the case not to alleviate responsibility for the killer but to point out that all you have to do in your criminal court United States is that was reasonable doubt she should keep that in mind as we move forward in this case I can I can publish should be aware of the difficulty of proving criminal charges it is actually a kind of difficult thing to do meanwhile the deep authorities

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