Yeah the evils of police brutality


While we talk about yeah the the evils of police brutality we should mention that when the police are basically hamstrung what you end up with is a massive list of police officers assaulted beaten it happens all over the country according to J. D. Lewis over the last ninety six hours we have seen a las Vegas metro police officer shot in the back of the head and active duty shooter opening fire on law enforcement at a Las Vegas courthouse for St Louis police officer shot and your police officer struck by vehicle three buffalo law enforcement officer struck by vehicle three Davenport law enforcement officers ambushed one shot a hundred thirty two officers injured in Chicago during the riot nine Pittsburgh officers injured by objects during a riot several officers in Rhode Island I'm Susan Richman office in prince William county in Sacramento in Champaign in oak lawn in Salt Lake City at least fifty secret service agents injured by Molotov cocktails in Washington Denver New York Athens capitol police officers Minneapolis one federal protective services officer officer was black shot and killed a seventy seven year old ex cop shot and killed in St Louis this is what happens when you have a society that has decided that the that that overall the cops are the bad guys but overall the cops are the bad guys and you want to see what's gonna happen next pretty obvious what's going to happen next the police are gonna stop policing let's say you're a police officer and you have the option of just not responding to a call or responding in the most pitiful possible fashion not policing a crime are you really gonna go into a contentious area and risk your life and limb knowing that if you actually have to pull your weapon you're immediately going to be labeled a racist that sounds like a positive development how exactly is that going to work does anybody think that anyone would you join the police force right now would you join the police force in these circumstances there's a reason the sergeants benevolent association president ed Mullins put out a letter yesterday saying that they've lost control of the city is it no leadership no direction and no plan I know you're being held back and used as pawns any and they shared a bunch of messages from various officers saying the leadership of the NYPD has to go my officer pleaded it tired beat up I think it was the exit bricks rocks the police are being hamstrung I mean to pretend that there are no externalities including police forces across the nation systemically racist is to ignore reality this

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