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Lafayette park ahead of president


Encouraged to continue telehealth appointments the Ohio department of health did report three hundred sixty six new covered nineteen cases today along with fifty two new deaths cases were well below the twenty one day average of five hundred twenty nine but this were above the daily average of thirty nine which is been seen over the last three weeks Dr Amy Acton says the state remains at a plateau governor Davis you're announcing this afternoon that the number of Kentucky National Guard members in Louisville will be reduced immediately he says this is at the request of the guard but you're also addressed the investigation of an officer involved shooting that left a black man in the oval dead early Monday morning after the death of David McEntee are authorized the critical incident response team of K. S. P. to investigate this is a unit that investigates police involved shootings all over the Commonwealth this is what they do in Kentucky they're the best I've told them that it must be fast and it must be thorough police say mcity fired at police and guardsmen who returned fire killing him it was learnt on Monday afternoon there was no body cam footage as the governor was calling for it because the two LMPD officers that were involved in the return fire to not have their body cameras on this resulted in the firing of Louisville police chief Steve Conrad those two officers are currently on administrative leave our next update is at nine o'clock I'm John Gallagher newsradio seven hundred

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