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Much less damage to stores here in Manhattan from what I've seen


In at eight last night an expired an hour ago was ignored in many parts of New York City but it did seem to take some of the edge off the looting as the debate continues over who should get this under control and how Glenn Schuck with more on that this morning plan the street certainly quieter from this earlier curfew was easier for police to spot those rat looting and vandalizing we're being told still at least two hundred arrests but that is substantially less than the night before and much less damage to stores here in Manhattan from what I've seen in the previous two nights non billable hours you're called into ten ten wins last night he said it was clear the APM curfew was working do not see that kind of activity as at least at this hour okay give me a call last night in any appreciable way so that could change on a constant upstate New York has what I see it's not gonna be overnight necessarily but over the next few days to turn the situation the mayor fuming after governor Cuomo called his handling of this crisis a disgrace even suggesting he could displace the mayor and bring in the National Guard if someone has been working there referred to the entire organization if you want to say commissioner said he's a Big Boy those that commissioner Scheck so let's not mince words and play games someone is complex line to put blame on other people this is what happens so again certainly issues on the streets of New York City for sure again last night but a dramatic improvement Glenn Schuck ten ten wins here may tenth well among the many unhappy with the mayor Sandling of the unrest as PBA president Pat Lynch when it's

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