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Lootings spread into Chicago suburbs as Cicero officials encourage restraint


Officials officials reaching reaching out out to to the the residents residents urging urging them them to to let let the the police police carry carry out out law law enforcement enforcement have have been been several several reports reports of of small small business business owners owners they're they're taking taking up up arms arms to to protect protect property property from from looting looting and and arson here Cicero police superintendent Jerry Clara the Cicero police department has the necessary resources to handle our call volume and our asking all Cicero residents not to and be involved in taking law into their own hands once again we are asking all residents to please allow us to handle any criminal activity and remain in their homes curfew is now in effect in Cicero under a state of emergency after a deadly night of violence and looting two men were killed there in separate shootings Cicero police made five dozen arrests Monday night they're now receiving assistance from cook county sheriff's deputies and Illinois state police the curfew runs through six AM

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