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Was officer and I'm sorry the officer Omar Jimenez being led away on live camera I believe one of the crew member were it was detained at the time they were released an hour later but what makes this so puzzling and you really want wonder if you want to get inside the head of the officers in the state police say troopers there and what they were thinking because in the month minutes before that segment of the video they have clearly identify themselves to officers and had main known their their compliance they were following officer directions moving away you know from from scenes where they were being asked to and keeping a respectful distance nine nobody is really sure what happened the officers gave no reason for why they were arresting them I mean was it because they were with C. N. N. they are there was a sense they were they identify themselves he had journalistic credentials so again one one wonders what was passing through the the minds of the officers at that time there was another journalist in Louisville during the protest that a rented there last night one of those journalists was I shot with pepper balls by the police ridiculous after what happened this week like you would think that the police would be a lot more sensitive about what they're doing and they're like Hey you're on television arresting this guy yeah well I needed to get hammered pointed right at Amara yeah I mean it can't guarantee you expected some person to jump out of any mobile labs joke yeah we're all getting up here but but now man as a matter of fact due to the arrest governor Tim Walz had to apologize to C. N. N. directly for what happened and told reporters that quote we have got to ensure there is a

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