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06-01-20 Putting the death of Colten Boushie in context


This is National Native News Antonio. Gonzalez members of the native community are volunteering to keep watch on native owned businesses and native nonprofit buildings. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, as protests continue in the city after the death of George Floyd, an African American man who died last week and police custody, a center which serves native youth in the twin cities. McGee's e communications went up in flames Friday, amid protests, the group has been around for more than forty years and started with production of radio. Programming archives are reportedly safe. Native Roots Radio Host Robert Pilot speaking with members of the native community during an online forum weekend described McGee's e as more than a building when you want to hear about Leonard Pelletier. Mackenzie was there and nobody else was when minor peletier. was on trial. You know and. so we all laughed. There's lot of John Trial. And and Clyde and all the aim people from the beginning recordings from the early seventies on community members helped clean up the building over the weekend. Other areas people are gathering out, are the. American, Indian Center and powwow grounds coffee shop. The six bands which are part of the Minnesota Chippewa tribe are holding primary elections next week. Reporter Melissa Townsend House more Malek's wider boys for leech-like fondling and grand portage will be choosing candidates for board chairman and several district representative seats. The primary election was postponed from March. Thirty first because of safety precautions due to the COVID nineteen pandemic Gary Frazier is the executive director of the Minnesota Chippewa tribe. I think the voter turnout is. is going to be way lower than normal at the polls because they've been asking people to come vote by absentee for the last month and a half, he says tribal leaders are taking a number of precautions to keep voters safe Minnesota Chippewa. Tribe members can vote by absentee ballot up through June. Ninth at polling places, some bands will practice social distancing, and some may require a temperature. Check before you can vote. If a person has elevated temperature, they can get an absentee ballot. The candidates who make it through. The primaries will run in the general election, and that scheduled for August. Eighteenth was Melissa Townsend reporting. The Canadian government is increasing the amount of money available to help indigenous people living off reserve in the fight against covid nineteen as Dan. Carpenter reports Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced an additional seventy five million dollars to the Indigenous Community Support Fund. The money is aimed at indigenous people across Canada who live off reserve. The indigenous community support. Fund was created mid March and included more than three hundred million. Million Dollars for regional urban and off reserve indigenous groups to confront the covid nineteen pandemic Trudeau says topping up the Fund for those living off reserve and in cities is needed because organizations that help indigenous people. There are facing a high demand for their services. Indigenous community organizations in our cities and off reserve do crucial work year round that these days their services are in high demand because of the pandemic. We need to make sure they have the resources to adapt and grow their services, so they can fulfill their important mission Trudeau says there are as many as one million indigenous people who live in Canada's urban centers or offers. He says the Support Fund recognizes that the government must adapt its approach and programs to meet the needs of all indigenous peoples. The money is expected to go to projects such as providing access to food transportation, educational materials and mental health services. Trudeau says it can also be used by sanitation and personal protective equipment. He says funding projects will begin rolling out in the coming weeks for National Native News I'm Dan Carpenter Chuck and Antonio Gonzalez..

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