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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020


Word. This kind of self care is vital. But notice when Solo activities crossed the line between independent and avoidance. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships. This continues to be a season reflection. Consider what you want. What you have and what you can do without. Delve deep in matters of the heart. Uncover the truth that you have so long avoided. Consider the work you do and your career. Today is full of conflicting agendas. Show your dexterity your ability to change course and adopt. People WanNa work with those who thrive amidst chaos. Sagittarius today is daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine. If, you're interested in learning more about your sign. Download a sanctuary, AH, from the apple, APP or Google play stores. Get your first reading today and follow sanctuary its sanctuary world on, instagram. That's s ANC T., U. A. R. Y..

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