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Atlanta officers fired after college students tased, pulled from car Saturday night


Get breaking news right now the two Atlanta police officers were fired and placed on duty among a resting up to college students during the Saturday night protest the district attorney is now talking right now let's go and hear from him right now that he was somewhat amazed he thought that maybe they had gotten him mixed up with somebody else but shortly after that he was given a signature bond and shortly after the signature bond his charges were were dismissed I believe a part instruction of our mayor Keisha bottoms and mayor bottoms has since issued an apology to Mr young miss pilgrim and their families so also this case saw as we review the evidence we were able to note some of the important considerations and one of those considerations that kind of gives you a flavor of what was going on in this event we received this statement from one of the officers who say that he was standing at the rear of the vehicle being driven by Mister Jones and he saw that the car was placed in reverse and the vehicle tried to come back and hit him and one of the other officers had to pull him out of the way so that it would save his life and I'm sure some of you've got the chance to watch the video we're going to show it again today and as you can see while Mr young was in the car he spent most of his trying trying to repeal the tasers that'd been shot into his body and you could not see an instance where a tip was made to run over an officer from the rear one of the other things that we noted is while the incident took place at the there was no mention of a firearm at all there was no mention of a firearm but after the incident when the offices were walking away and returning to the original stations on the tape you can hear one of the offices say they pulled a gun on us and when you examine the Tate there is no indication that that he mention was made of a farm and in fact after the incident no firearm was ever located all right on the persons of the two parties and no firearm was ever located in the vehicle so we're saying here that district attorney of Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard is is giving his comments regarding the firing of the two Atlanta police officers after they use excessive force during an arrest on Saturday I with these college students and we're going to keep you updated on that because your conflicting statements between what the police officers are saying happened as opposed to what has been shown in all of the videos that have been released are you her district attorney Paul Howard say there have been no fire arms recovered even though the police officers said they they pulled out a firearm on them but they they haven't actually been able to recover that so we'll continue to cover that story and keep you up to date as we

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