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Retailers of temporary close cities with large protest, Amazon target and apple all curb operations over the weekend with apple, keeping many minutes retail sklar retails stores closed on Tuesday. and Bloomberg reported to Amazon skilled back then justed routes and a handful of city, sending messages, some drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles instructing them to stop delivering packages and return home. Because we've seen these delivery vehicles already attacked and people emptying and maverick. Someone was killed they were trying to stop delivery truck and the driver. I don't know if the act you know. Who knows, but someone got run over. So best not beyond the street. That's for sure. smartphone sales dropped twenty percent so far this year due to to coronavirus. Apple Samsung Outweigh and OPO also. The all saw declines according to Gartner News. So, I don't think this comes any surprise, but budget phones are. are up a little bit as well. All right the best for tools and manager P three music collection. I've kind of my music. Collection seems to be pretty much organized at this point I tunes got a hand on at one time, and from then it's just been kind of all over. but if you've got an MP three. Library, that's that's messed up. media monkey? Music brands MP3 tag. Apple Music. Are One of the top four. I don't WanNa. Say like what Apple Music does, but I kind of accidentally minded. Get organized by it's. kind of on its own and not knowing it. But I guess it did a pretty good job didn't throw anything out per. Se but a lot left a lot of stuff on categorized. So, we gotTa Music Lection that needs. Organized Lincoln's in the show notes. Italy's immunity covid nineteen. The sounds almost sounds like Malati Italy's immunity covid, nineteen contact tracing APP uses Google and Apple Tech, for regions, will pilot the exposure notification APP starting next week so A.

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