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We have to take care of our people and for that reason we will continue to flexibly deploy Illinois state police


The actions that contribute to the death of Mister George Floyd is guess the values of the insignia of integrity service and pride that the men and the women of the Illinois state police hold so dearly on a personal note I would like to say that as a black man that the tragic death a total disregard for life in regards to Mr George Floyd has hurt me extremely as a law enforcement officer I am ashamed that this type of lawful act that occurred on that day towards Mr George floored by one of a law enforcement officer that I write a professor that I hold dearly has also heard be extremely the ISP supports the peaceful protests there are curry across the nation and across the state of Illinois for members of our communities who want their voices heard we're also committed to protecting the fundamental rights of life and property over the course of the past few days lies we have been working in conjunction with Chicago police department bill alarm force law enforcement alarm system I lead us though our National Guard Illinois department of transportation I dot to ensure that the safety of the public is our first priority

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