TV maker TCL breaks into the phone biz -- at the worst time



Tcl's a relative newcomer in the mobile phone market. And what the circumstances at hand. That being launching flack products during pandemic. They have a difficult road ahead of them. We have a multi part series. Coming your way the following days outlining how staying competitive in this insane situation how. Us consumer might be impacted when it comes to getting your hands on their phones. Roger Chang and this is your daily charge with me is Stefan Strike General Manager of Global Marketing TCL Stefan. Thanks for joining me appreciate it. Thank you having legend. Thank you so let's talk about. Tcl Most people know this company through its affordable televisions It's the during superbowl weekend. People are shopping for TV. They probably run into the T. Cell Name. But you've quite been making phones for a couple years now a while actually a long time if you give us a quick elevator. Pitch on T. sale and it's phone business. Yeah so is. Business actually are one of the longtime players in the market to be mainly a nonsmoker. The Brian These survivor rants day. So you know zozo achievement do this but also be have been doing at blackberry phones recently. they did The ranchers while doing For some of the carriers so you know. Since more than twenty years we know out to do You have all the relationship with channels to customers so the new player that sense and existing. You know Infrastructures supply chain manufacturing in those so lots of county organization saw such might be a new brand when it comes to the mobile the street But the company and doing business in the money distributor actually one of the the only place market and have a lot of experience. Tell me about that. That shift to the cell. Branding rented it. It's sort of a way free to centralize all of your products under a single name. Like why now? Why haven't we done this before? Like why Why had you lean Alcatel blackberry in these other names when you had this? Ucla Valuable so this the to those do something special for tcl in a way what to see right this right now. Tracings don't together in democracy which helps to actually do something at different districts things of course defer things five G. which is going with shot is a mobile entertainment proposition. But then as well everything that has to do fat is not on the combination of AI. Model Fausto TJ investment areas never building a lot of fat on these but also dcla's is a company in manufacture law of products and that this is voluntary expertise and we see like the Iot market is growing massively and this is one of the Petunias.

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