Creating Custom Voice Experiences for Auto Brands with Kyle Halstvedt & Scott Halstvedt at SoundHound Inc.

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As a business partner to many automakers. Can you talk about some of the common elements car manufacturers need to consider when designing for Voice Interfaces Riccar? Yeah that's a great question. I actually did. Listen to me has piece on your show to is very interesting conversation. You had I think cars the car. Application is not the only application of voice interfaces but it is a great place to showcase the uniqueness of voice interface today and you can see that in in the stuff that knee high said our partners at Mercedes Benz R D are experts wallace than very fruitful. The partner with them to create a great experience. But I think the in car use case arrived. People talk about safety his. That's kind of the the straightforward if you want something that's hands free but I think that's good but it's not the whole picture you also want to make. An interface. Appeals FLUID. Easy in powerful does not just hand. We also don't need your mind to be focused on the cognitive burden of of adjusting settings com on things. Like that. Want Your Mind. Be Free to pay attention the road as well as your hands. So there's kind of settled. I think common elements that can get you close to that. Yeah I think regarding the common elements I think that they fit into a few categories so the first one that is really really important going back to stops comments about the sort of clue. of the interface in needs to be really easy to discover what features are available and actually used US features in a flexible way so there are lots of different pieces that ended up adding up to that fluid and discoverable experience for the customer. The storm really is that it needs to integrate very well with the car's features. That's kind of a prerequisite but there are other pieces. That help this like Having helpful prompts and dialogues answering the question how do I use this thing? I think actually that has to happen. Both in a software ends the voice interface itself. Like if you design a product that has voice interface and just kind of stick it on there with one little button and that's the only kind of indication that there's a voice interface integrated with the car. It's kind of difficult for people to to learn what it can do how it works people. Sit Down in your new car and push the voice button. They're not even necessarily driving. It doesn't have to work well. It doesn't have to be that discoverable not even paying attention to it but if it has no integration with car. It's hard to you know you can say when you go to play around with that. Punctuality your car right so it should be an present companion with the rest of the features of the car instead of being kind of silent on its own. Recently I was caught shopping myself and I got a lot of mileage out of my older car because I wanted to avoid buying a vehicle. That was in the office or the twenty jeans because I think that the voice our faces and in general the the user interfaces in cars from back period of time Really worrying a bit of a slump and needed some Polish and we started pulling out of that but still even in my twenty nineteen vehicle of unnamed brand the voice interface is it's completely separate stream and it doesn't integrate well with the rest of the features in the car and I guess you know. Obviously we can talk about this for a long time. But the other of major components I think on top of that are obviously a good voice interface. So I think you need to be able to recognize. Long COMPLEX UTTERANCES. Do things quickly for the user. But that's Dermot on the voice interface side. Make sure that that works. Well you don't want to say you know finding restaurants but exclude Italian. Return Italian restaurants especially in an in-car voice interface because that leads us to watch it on the screen if they get incorrect results and the last thing is you have to think about when you're integrating worse assistant what the future looks like as well so the design that you're you're putting together is not just when you can do right now but which will be able to do. I think mayhem mentioned actually talked with you that Slowly users will start to trust their vehicles more and need to design for diabetes cases. Well

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