COVID-19 is pushing notaries into the digital age


To create wills online for quite some time but the thing is that after you create a will you probably have to get it. Notarized and that is usually an in-person transaction recent years lots of states have made laws to allow digital motorization and the cove in nineteen outbreak has pushed more states to do the same as more and more people are making wills online one of those people is Meghan Bowen about six weeks ago. She was home in Reno Nevada when she started to feel sick. I started to get a fever and a headache shortness of breath and thought. Oh no what if I have this? She's forty five with two kids. Who are both teenagers? She's divorced and she just never gotten around to creating a will or medical directive is enough to make me go wow. I'm not being very responsible for my kids. Future need to clean this up so and called Nicole. Harvey an attorney. Based in Reno who specializes in estate. Planning Nevada. Had a stay at home order in place and Harvey's office was closed so for the first time in my practice we're doing electronic wills which entails remote notary. Nevada is one of twenty three states that have permanent online motorization laws. In place. Notaries in those states use an online platform validate clients identity by comparing their face on video. Chat to their photo ideas. And asking a series of questions like you'd see a credit check. One question might be zero are five addresses which one of these or you associated with in nineteen sixty eight. That's Bill Anderson Vice President of government affairs at the National Notary Association. A trade group then the lawyer the clients and the notary all meet on video the client signs the documents with mouse clicks. Everything's recorded the online notary platform. Say It's just as secure as an in person transaction so it's easy in those twenty three states. The other states are rushing out solutions. Many of the state executive orders put in place temporary procedures for being able to notarize documents using video conference type solutions like Zoom. Another twenty three states. Now let notaries do their jobs using a combination of video and document sharing Anderson says these emergency versions are a little less secure. But it's still something and the Senate Judiciary Committee is considering a bill that would allow online notification. One downside remote motorization costs more because of platform an extra licensing fees. The National Notary Association says the National Average is twenty five dollars to get something notarized online in person services top out more like fifteen bucks but doing everything on. Line can also make the difficult task of creating a will a lot less intimidating. Here's Megan Bowen again. I Pictured Estate Planning and Trusts in Wales long meetings in back and forth and collecting lots of pieces of paper in reviewing things over and over again and it was so much simpler than that and also on the plus side. Bowen is feeling fine now and hopefully won't need that will anytime soon

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