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And now if you want to laugh until you cry go go to your dvr. GotTa Watch it. Andy a good sport out there all the gangs and games. We've made you do out their work as well as that. When I gotta say so I appreciate what you stick with them. They're not in that. Yeah thank you Kevin. Andy are you tired of being outside yet? Yeah I'm starting to get. It's getting a little chilly out here on this. Podcast l mean just in general I am not. I'm going to be honest with you. And it's funny to me because Occasionally on social media I see people saying be nice to Andy. Hates it out there. I am having so much because I am not great at sitting in one spot for a long time unless I'm laying down getting ready to nap or just laying down but when it comes to kind of the show and moving. I don't know I'm liking out there. What would be much harder for me as if I had to be in that room. What's her the whole time? So I like being out there and And I'm being real honest. What keeps it a little interesting is not knowing what's coming down for me to do from you guys and Kevin and the writers earl one of our loyal Podcast fans troy. Thomas offered to come stand out there with you if you are lonely. Oh that's pretty sweet at very nice of try nine now you know now. We all know what everyone would rather be doing. Is doing the show from our studio on the Warner Brothers? Lot with our crew with our whole staff with an audience the same way. We've done it for seventeen years. That's that's what we'd like to do right. That's where we WANNA be at. Is One hundred percent correct? Mary but for seventeen years every day at around one o'clock we walk into a studio that has not a window to it and we shoot the show and so this is a bit of a change of pace for Andy to be outside. Yeah for the time that we're doing the show when we are used. Yes you know in the wintertime. We go into the stage in the daytime and we come out at night when it gets starts early. It's such a weird thing. We had over there from our offices at like noon. Were done by about five and you walk out and miss the daylight and again. We would go back to that in a heartbeat. The second we can go back to that we want go back to that but I bet it just is interesting for Andy to be doing something different and I get that. It's fun for him. And I had no idea just a level of chaos that Andy was was wreaking on the stage on a daily basis. Until you went up to Ellen's and I get to really see it and Mary so used to it like it doesn't even phase her when I'm just walking around. She's so used to it. Everyone's going wow. He really moves around a lot. Mary's like a yeah. Welcome to the last seventeen years and the way ellen fit not only doesn't bother ellen she just lives for it. It may have so happy to see you. She fully accepting handy exactly the way he is. I mean she shortcomings. That was the end of your sentence. She Reserves Sheba's. Here's the right to laugh at some of the things you do. It is all worth the price of admission. Like there's so much that you bring to the show that it's all fun. Oh my gosh. Well I appreciate that Sh- unless we pick the winner of the much they gifts or not. Yes so explain the contest and explain what's happening. We were looking for people who are pregnant. Who Don't think Andy's the father this had a tweet us. I mean we always joke about how few people listen. But we got so many submission. Everyone was really thrilled. That I'm not a fought. Turns up pregnant people out there. That would like Ellen's wonderful mother's Day giveaways an ED veteran overdue. Tell everyone who's many high Hashtag Ellen on the go producers and at the Ellen show this is my sister first time mom and R. N. She is expecting her baby. This August I heard the contest on podcast today and would love to gift her gift. You mentioned for Mother's Day and even best on nurses week. She has tagged India's not a father I hope now. She did not give us her sister's name but her name but she's got a picture of her sister. Her name is Vicky Jimenez. Vicki van has your sister is going to get our staff will be reaching out to you. She's going to get everything we gave away on the Mother's Day show which is pretty much everything you need when you get your baby home from the hospital. Oh congratulations to your family on this great honor getting all these awesome gifts and special thanks to all our sponsors who stepped up even though we didn't have a studio audience to give away such top of the line great mother's Day stuff. Yeah absolutely and Andy. Are you sure? I can't believe Andy's doing this really Andy. Andy has just said that the first time that Vicky sister wants to go out for dinner after the baby is born he will babysit own happy to be of service anyway. Congratulations to you to your sister to the whole family. Hey don't forget that we're still GONNA PICK FOR MORE FIRST TIME. Moms to be to win all these mothers day gifts so hit us up. We're GONNA keep looking us that Hashtag. I believe the Hashtag was Andy is not the father. I hope Larry's and I think now the time has come to talk about bill. Murray and I love him and soon. It's probably possible that Ed has seen caddyshack more time than any human being. Why don't you take us to this one Eddie List to go for me? Mr. Squirrel don't worry about those wires in my stomach doctor's orders now leg them a plastic explosive or anything. I loved Mary. I've loved Mary my entire life. And one of my favorite things about bill. Murray in addition to how hilarious he's been in every movie. I've seen him in and in the movies. That weren't supposed to be hilarious. He's also a really compelling actor has been his relationship with David Letterman late. Show David Letterman. Were absolutely nothing short of epic. They were all so like thought out and like we know. That's a book bill. Murray you gotta like send a note to is Po box. Like he doesn't have agent he doesn't it. It doesn't have a phone like he's he's tough to book but he reached out to us and said he was doing this thing with. Guy Fieri and could he do the show and we were all like Hell. Yeah we had like one day's notice and then when he appears just before. I see him. I get a call from Matt. Right go executive producer and producer of this segment saying to me just so you know. He's in some kind of a bear hat bear mask. God and I do not think he plans on taking it And he did the entire interview in independent mask base. Oh yeah ever could have been. Anyone are there. We don't it could have been anyone under there where you're talking about the lone ranger and he showed how they changed lone rangers during the season way back in the day and he showed how one lone ranger walked differently from the other lone ranger and just in that little walk across the room might be tell it was still married by the way. He likes sort of slumped shoulders in his arms. Come each I love everything about him I really do. I know you got a mask on will I? I watched the briefings every day. And when I hear President Cuomo say I don't wear a mask. I'm disrespecting you. I figure I should wear a mass. I'm not worried so much about my own with rhyming all light but there's been a lot of people that would really like to go deeper little deeper in the century and I don't want to mess it up for that. Well I certainly appreciate the respect. That's wonderful where are you right now I I? I'm not really sure but I know if this is any help someone knocked on the door. Today and said bill is Thursday. I'm in South Carolina Charleston South Carolina. All right that But that does help when someone knocks on the door and tells you the day. I wish. I wish someone did that for me. I'm impressed with also It must be hot inside of that thing. Is that hot? I think about that and I think what did our forefathers have to go through coming across the chips from Europe to come to this country and make it. I think I'm GonNa Complain About Inside of this. Maybe I don't deserve to have a green card or citizenship card ready credit card a credit card you know. So I'm I'm this is a little thing that I'm doing a little saying I'm nowhere near the people that are plan line nowhere. What's happening there? What snap listening are you GonNa? You're GONNA pass out. Are you GONNA pass out? No I know that feeling this. Isn't it all right? So yes bill. Murray and Dave first of all Bill Murray was hilarious on our show. And anytime anywhere. You Take Mera's against he was the first ever guest on late night with David. Letterman wow on NBC. And the day before. The show's premiere. I was not working on the show at the time Bill Murray sent a case of. I think it was Tequila. If it wasn't Tequila Vodka. He said the case of Tequila or vodka to the writing staff at David Letterman thereby ensuring that on the day of the shooting the Premiere episode of the show entire writing staff was terribly hung over. Oh my gosh. But he was. He was the first guest on late night. Wow I love that story. He's a good dude. He has a good all right. Well that really seems like plenty of podcast right there. That's going to hold you over till next week was linked so well listen subscribed today Wherever you get your podcast apple spotify wherever and don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more Ellen Fund by I love you push push push the most Porsche grow thought that I could be free but now realize his dreams. You don't be the

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