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The car insurance and a whole new life Liberty Mutual insurance Tennessee governor Billy signed one of the strictest abortion bands in the country but was quickly blocked by a federal giant. Under Tennessee's new law, Abortions or band, once of fetal heartbeat is detected in about six weeks into pregnancy. Those similar to other states like Mississippi and Georgia, Tennessee's law immediately blocked by a federal judge, U S District Judge William Campbell in Nashville, issuing a temporary restraining order writing that he is bound by the Supreme Court holdings of prohibiting undue burden. It's on the availability of abortions. Supporters of the law hope their case heads to an increasingly conservative U. S. Supreme Court. Jeff Malone. Also Fox News federal government reporting the biggest monthly deficit and history last month of spending on programs to combat the recession exploded in millions of job losses cut into tax revenues. The Treasure Department, saying the deficit hit $864 billion last month. A major newspaper chain has a new owner. Hedge fund manager. Chatham Asset Management is buying the Clatchey, publisher of 30 daily newspapers, including the Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee and Kansas City Star Macleod. She was family owned for 163 years the publishing company had filed for bankruptcy reorganization, and Chatham was the highest bidder in a bankruptcy auction. Chatham was also McClatchy's largest creditor. The hedge fund already owns American Media, parent Company of the National Enquirer and Canadian newspaper chain Post Media. GeneCo's Sola You new animated star Wars, Siri's focused on an elite group of clones will debut on Disney Plus next year, the company says the Syriza he called Star Wars the bad batch and will follow the clones. In a rapidly changing galaxy following the clone war. I'm Lee Scylla, Sarah and this is Fox News.

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