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Hello everyone can t the tennis podcast day. Eleven of Wimbledon relived would have been women's Semifinals Day Wimbledon and would probably have been under the reef because looking out of my window in Putney, which is a? Mile and a half ish down the road from us, W nineteen is in miserable. Say That's great. Thank you, British weather for making some twenty twenty. Just that little bit extra great. But not to worry because. David Matt to talk tennis with. Seven hundred episodes David you just told me. We actually can mark a milestone because we've remembered it before recording rather than fully seconds off the recording. Yeah, we! We've celebrated five hundred, six, hundred one in the past. So yeah I'm fin quite proud. You know it. It draws me when you say it's women's semifinal state today because I'd kind of I'd forgotten that in as much as I'm so used to now talking about classic matches with you both watching them. We've just watched another one to the BBC of. Matches on every day that they're showing Wimbledon doing their own stuff online streaming matches, which is the one good thing I take from this whole period is the suddenly. The vast archive is just being. Put out there for everybody to enjoy, but I had forgotten. That is still Wimbledon and today would have been women's semifinals, and that makes me quite sad, yeah. I, wish I wish I could forget I get the impression that perhaps you haven't forgotten in the optimistic. Every cloud silver lining way that David. I Dunno, I kind of have in a way, I'm just so so invested in what we're doing. The the usual schedule of Wimbledon isn't isn't really in my mind so much. Just me then okay. Trip back to two thousand and five when. Storm strong was winning his seventh consecutive Tour de France title. Yup? The three hundred eighty made its first flight at the live eight concerts. Good friend of mine went to live eight in Hyde Park and she says it was mostly great until sting came on early evening when everyone was pissed in party made and some new material. Juno live eight is when I discovered pink Floyd and realized I two thousand. David Luiz discovered. It's. Matt's now. Sort of got me to to realize that I actually need to listen to albums full of Bruce springsteen and not just judge. We. Born in the USA. Correct. Correct get on that David's It was also the year that Britain implemented. The civil partnerships axe to include same-sex partnerships. It was the year that London won the rights to host the twenty twelve Olympics. And the xbox three sixty was released Oh and Pope John Paul the second died. There's a few. We've already done it two thousand and five much at the French. Open say these are these events that we didn't mention I around, so that was T-, thousand five I was working. My First Wimbledon as an employee I was a bull store assistant. Under the employees of one Derek Dimmer? Who was the head of the bull store at Wimbledon in done that job with his wife? Centuries I think. It was it was a job. which largely comprised heavy lifting and I loved it I couldn't believe my luck that I was working Wimbledon, even they. My primary job was lifting boxes of tennis balls and wandering around the orange practice with bin bag, asking players and coaches. If I could collect, they used balls of the practice, so they could be resolved to charity. I thought that was the best job in the world and I could not believe my luck and I went back the next year as as head bull. Store Assistant I was GONNA. Say You assumed to be promoted? Yeah, that was my first promotion and that I was GONNA. Ask You if you did a good job with whether you got a good review. Turns ends. It did I mean there's not? Much that can go wrong with putting balls and have been bank. But it didn't go wrong, and honestly I just. I thought asking asking. Tim Henman if he was finished with these tennis. Balls are just so. That was the coolest thing in the world. I thought I was the coolest person in the world getting to do that job.

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