Kendrick Perkins rips Joel Embiid over coronavirus concerns

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Joel embiid. That's where we started was. Addressing the media. This week and this is what he said about Cova and going into the bubble amount of big fan of the idea, but then again. You know going to my job. I'm not GonNa let the city down. Oh, I'm GONNA go on. A city. That's what I've always. my family. My teammates. So. He's gotTa The monster doesn't change on. ME. Doesn't matter the fact that I. Don't like that idea and I stood all the new the new bed. I don't think he's GonNa. Be Safer now because I know I'm GonNa do the white things on no I. Don't i. don't ever do anything I'll it to video games. I'm always all I don't do anything, but then again I don't trust. Does OUGHTA GOS-. Do to save saw but like I said I do my job. Yet for lot of these guys. Thank God for Video Games. they not everybody even goes out anymore. A lot of guys just stay in the room and play games so Kendrick Perkins. I think this was on the jump. Address, say say one more time I take I. Take on, I take. This is what he said about Joel. embiid look, do you. WanNa Hoop or not? I don't none of the other contenders complain. Lebron James Lineker Plane I. Don't hear Jason Tatum. Janas complaining and they. Is How they go to defending champion soup. I don't see them complain there by the way they got a tournament. That's going on right now. In Cleveland, Ohio and I'm pretty sure those guys are not gonna be the bubble or they in great situation. They not complaining. They don't know who I don't WanNa yell to me. This is just the do. Get knocked out. This is going to be excused because they're super. Saw was halfway in his mill, wasn't there? I don't know I don't like the ideal. Loop. Here, they're madison billion dollar. Ball. Beverly say. Unfair criticism I love Kendrick Perkins, but that's completely unfair printed. Criticism you're allowed to be. In and we're seeing this throughout sports. You're allowed to be tentative about what's going on, but we all are at this point right, but what's constructive about saying I, don't really WANNA play, but I'll do it. What type of message does that? Send to your teammates to your fans, but he's. Is he not concerned about safety? Isn't that what he's going for? Isn't that what he's talking about? I, don't know. What he said Yeah isn't everyone concerned about safety like him, saying that just kind of like a bad look I feel like. How do you think his teammates? But what should've stream that and what might crop set? Kendrick Perkins Point is if you feel strongly about it, then do it. Avery Bradley. Do what Dover's protons is doing. Do whatever reasons don't you think a lot of these guys are going to try it out? See how it goes, and if it's not going well, they're going to drop out. I don't know I think guys are gonNA drop out of the bubble potentially

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