Now been replaced with GOP veteran Bill Step it


Now been replaced with GOP veteran Bill Step it as more polls show that president is falling a little bit further behind. With Joe Biden and some of these wanna variety of poles this morning that the president made the big switch yesterday. Parce que Ella let trumps digital campaign operations in 2016 Trulia really an amazing mind when it comes to the technology, But the president, apparently furious with him after that rally in Tulsa, when on Ly You know, a small fraction of what was expected, showed up. Remember the progressive Left used tic tac to reserve a bunch of seats with no intention of going to you know, they did that on purpose. You know, political sabotage is what they what they what they did there, but S O. Some changes have been made at the at the top there in the President's administration, or at least his reelection bid. Well, there's a long history of changes in this administration and his campaign teams

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