The Chiefs Edition: Bernd Bauer


The aviation industry has been around to a near halt over the past few months. The European summer is on its way, so as border starts, reopen and many on the continent. Take flight again. What does one of Europe's leading leisure carriers have to say about the future of air travel, and the consumer caters for today on the chiefs is sit down with Baird Bauer the CEO. swiss-based Edelweiss at Monocle Cirque studio here on due process. After a long stint at Swiss, Bauer left to lead Edelweiss in two thousand fourteen, and his led the firm into a unique position as a premium leisure carrier with an impressive route portfolio to match. Like most other airlines worldwide when krona virus struck, allies was ordered to ground operations, but since the end of May flights have resumed, so can Edelweiss and the rest of the industry get their optimism back. And, if we accept that life comes with a few risks, can we put those skies and I beat nights back on our calendars. I'm to the break and this. The chiefs on Multiple Twenty Four. It's interesting. Maybe if we could spill back a few months, maybe many months at this point to December early January. What are the state of not just the business for for eight advice? Look like what was aviation looking like? Maybe in a European context aviation west pretty confident that business was running well for basically all the airlines take the American Airlines or even in Germany's business was really running well. We were all very optimistic about twenty. Twenty twenty and we couldn't be matching that something like what we have seen now into Leeson month was happening. You're a bit of a unique business model for those who are not in maybe in a Swiss orbits, or at least in the bordering countries. As well you occupy an interesting position. I mean maybe in traditional terms people call you a leisure carrier, but in many ways you're. You're much more premium than than what comes to mind. In Your Business. How forward-looking do you have to be i? Mean? When do you sort of wake up comfortably in January, knowing you have? Sixty percent bookings for the year seventy percent bookings for someone in your position. What does a good year look like at the start of the year? If your leisure carrier at typically at the beginning of the year we look at prepo kings of about forty forty five percent of the whole capacity over the whole year, and that was all also the casing twenty twenty, so we. We were starting the really optimistic we had. Had plans to Clo- for the and we pretty happy with the with the brookings. We were really planning our load, and our our yield development, and as you said premium, we are positioned in the premium niche in in the leisure segment. Let Sane in Europe pretty unique for the leisure business in the airline industry, and we were quite happy that the development was as it as it showed up in January twenty twenty. For someone who might be listening in Australia or somewhere else in Europe or in North America, maybe paint is a little bit of a picture How is eight vice different from a low cost carrier? Because obviously that has been so much of the traffic driver for a lot of leisure destinations, obviously, but and if we think about tradition leisure, Carrizo, why the offer different I guess what happens is as part of the experience set you apart from a to e or or many other people. Would you say advice is very clearly and very consequently positioned in this premium leisure segment? So what means premium leisure for us? Boom Leisure means. Tried to cover all the travel needs of the space market, and and that's the whole segment from. Let's say those traveling with the backpack. Until the clients traveling to the five star hotels around the world, so our aim is really to cover all the major destinations you can imagine discovered world, but also relaxing somewhere at the beach, so we have basically everything in our portfolio, we managed to build up over the last years route portfolio of over seventy destinations around the world, and this all out of Switzerland, which is a pretty small country and a pre market. The portfolio is divided in. Let's say the European network and the and the intercontinental network on the European side it's we cover from the party island like FBI side to Mykonos. To the Party islands I think that's a good handle. Because people got to an instant picture of probably what's on on offer, but it's not a party on board necessarily. No, it's not a party on board on board. We have a decent product comparable to the major network carriers in these, also because we are positioned in this in this market as a sister airline to Swiss international line so our product. Product is pretty much exchangeable, but as a very specific drive into the leisure traveler, so we are we care more for the travelers needs reach out different. If you travel to in invocation or holiday, then if you travel for business, or you want to be more quiet, you want to be working. You want to be not really disturbed and crews are trained to entertain on board our passengers al.. AL! Product is designed to make the trip. Really Nice trip in an experience by itself I mean oftentimes do hear people in Switzerland saying that Akshay. The haul service if you're flying to Mediterranean destination is better on vice than it is on on Swiss is the liberal relationship between a maybe a bigger brother and a younger brother, and I think we aim to give special touch. I wouldn't say it's. It's unnecessary, but it's different than it starts with a product using It starts with the with the menus.

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