Concerns over new mothers and babies during COVID-19


They even though they've been classified as vulnerable group. Pregnant women have so far not shown themselves to be particularly vulnerable to the extremities of coveted non team. But there's no doubt that pregnancies and births around the world have been disrupted even in Australia. Pregnant women have missed out on important appointments and support services like mother's groups and birthing classes and for women who've been suspected or tested positive for the virus pregnancy and childbirth has been traumatic Catherine Gregory reports that maternal health experts are now looking at how to prevent any long lasting impacts. These pandemic could have on new mothers and their babies look. It wasn't sure she'd get to hear these miraculous. Sounds my waters break? I was thirty one weeks and six days so we came to the hospital. Thirty seven year olds spent the night Victorian Maternity Hospital by herself. Luckily I didn't gone to live within the next morning. I recall my husband and he left in a hurry but husband never got further than the hospitals front desk. You can't come into also and you need to get checked for carbon scandal. Has He was about to enter and found he had a favor. Sorry basically like a really sorry you husbands not going to be for the lie in ways to treat you like you have carbon sorry smashed up and secluded up. And that's when Abby Real nightmare began. She was facing childbirth alone. I'm by the side. A little bit of pioneer. That asked with some high relief and will live. You can't have guests now because you might have carbon then the stock transferred into special boosting room an isolated one by that stage. They checked me. I was now ten centimeters dilated and there was going to be our pain relief at all and now husband merciful person. Sorry I started freaking out a little bit and then came be pays Yoda me. We'd no drugs. I think I just Kinda ran into shock. Mars surreal experience. And because because you early doctors in the room whiting just standing there waiting to take him as soon as he was born only had thirty seconds with her newborn baby before nurses took him offer. Say I took them up to spatial. Katya and I was taken to isolation in the world so it's about three or four one of the midwives came in and she was almost in tears and I said I know you're GonNa Seiger's narrowing are it's we have the results yet. It's just I have to tell you the results come back positive until you've Corinthian Stralia. Since the pandemic began about half a dozen women who've been suspected tested positive for the virus have given birth in conditions similar to Abbey's it's brutal bought needs to protect doctors nurses and other patients from the virus overseas in countries with pandemic has been far worse the restrictions on more extreme lawyers and human rights advocates. In the United States a pushing the legally mandated. Birthing rights. Face ain't too many women even those that aren't sick. New York especially have been forced to give birth alarm and then separated from their baby here in Australia. Each Spain less of an issue hospitals have tried to ensure covered. Moms and Bob stay together but now as the virus appears to a Bite. Maternity experts a worried about the long term impacts of some of these measures. But it's really important that we don't intrude on oil impact on human rights. That are not necessarily going to be beneficial or even potentially harmful. That's Professor Hannah. Dolon from the School of Nursing Midwifery at Sydney University. Though I am concerned West some facilities are suggesting that the woman be accompanied by nobody not even have pa. We have had some concerning reports. Where Pediatricians Indiana technologists recommending in the case of cove in nineteen being a confirmed that the woman be separated from her baby And then there are some other things such as being excluded from water birth or not having it available at all in a hospital or not having guests in air. That are not necessarily based on strong evidence Jason's days reports are mainly coming from private hospitals. And she's heard of cases where partners aren't allowed in operating theatres for C. Sections even if there is no risk. The thing is while the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and gynecologists have issued guidance. The health practitioners. There's no standard approach across different hospitals. Health districts in states then needs to be some level of adherence particularly to the international guidelines. So one of the very concerning bits is where mothers and babies are separated when that strongly recommend that they have skin-to-skin all of the recommendations have come out saying that women should have a support person with her at. That's very concerning. When we see deviations I ask her about Abbie's experience I can tell you as a midwife hearing the Midwest speaking that they're the points we john heartbreaks. 'cause it's the last thing we want to do. All of us in on the planet at the moment with the best way forward. Sometimes we get it right.

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