Coronavirus: America's Life Change


Need to go to the Daily Star. There's very good article There was written on the Daily Star's website okay. And I was reading this morning. And basically the headline says you ready for two years of the corona virus. because that's basically what's in store for us here in America? Americans life America's life change. I think is the title of the story. So. There are people predicting. You're going to have about two years. Of this corona virus and. Are you ready to change your lifestyle? And that's basically what the article is about. We've already changed styles. You you. You USA is the hardest hit. According to the corona virus in the stats in the world. Now. I have a theory on that personally. I don't know if I'm right. I don't know if I'm wrong. 'cause I don't know anything anymore. But. The reason that the United States they say is the hardest hit with the corona virus. Is probably because we're the most honest. Not that we're honest. But we're the most honest. If you think by any stretch of the imagination. That we have more cases of the coronavirus than any other country. I think you have a screw loose. But that's what the stats say. So the United States has been the hardest hit, but I think the United States is the most honest when it comes revealing. cases of the corona virus and testing. And also. I think the United States some of. The numbers they say are phony I. Don't know if they're phony or not. Not a words. If you test positive for the Corona Virus you have to quarantine and this and that, and then you have to test negative, and then you test two or three more times each time you test, you're considered a case. Sold, there's. People that have tested three or four times. It's the same person, not one case they come. There's four cases because they tested four-times positive for the virus. Bruno's if that's true. Who knows if it's not? They also say there's this thing of dying with the Corona virus dying from the corona virus. Who knows if that's true? We don't here's the problem. Even if you think you know you don't know. You don't know anymore. There is so much misinformation, not only in this country, but in the world. Is Crazy I mean. How many people does China half one point four billion? BILLION BILLION A. Billion and we have more cases of the coronavirus than China does by far. Yes. Okay You want to believe that right now. But there's people that will, but anyway if you go to the Daily Star getting way behind your, you need to read this article. And I'll talk about when we come back. We gotta take a break here, but. If this lasts for two years, the life change of. Is going to be unbelievable. It's going to be unbelievable.

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