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Was they were posting to the room about supporting Biden and asking what people to do to help. Lincoln Project is much more than some outstanding videos. They're really working to elect Biden and when I talked with Senator during Burger today He's an old friend. You've heard him here on this program. Many times up. What Dave said to me is Republican former members of Congress were getting together. Because they are so upset about Donald Trump. And do you know? That were told now that over 500 Former Republican people involved in the George W. Bush administration. Are putting together a political action committee. To defeat Donald Trump. And we know How upset People are About Donald Trump within the Republican Party. Lincoln was a Republican. Randy emails. What Trump said today was idiotic, and nobody remembers that Lincoln was a Republican. But if you walk up to 100 people at random in the street, asked in which party Lincoln belong to how many of those 100 would say Republican I might be wrong, but I'm guessing about 50. AM I wrong? I don't think people know what party Ah Most presidents represent. But I can tell you, the Republican Party knows it's the party of a Lincoln. I went to Lincoln Day dinners with Dwight Eisenhower. With Richard Nixon. With Barry Goldwater. Nelson Rockefeller. With all the Republican luminaries of the 19 fifties sixties seventies and the eighties. And all I can tell you is This is unbelievable. 415808 year oId 10 Let's go to Jeff calling for Marin, Jeff, Welcome to KGO. Hello, John. I'm I have impeccable liberal credentials. I agree with you, but I did have something as pretty sobering. In my view, a lawyer, I have a number of small business clients. I speak to them from time to time, many or Democrats, many Republicans Trumpers, whatever. But when I have our notwithstanding all this hullabaloo about training of publicity, etcetera, is that means to them. They have one issue and one issue only and that is keeping their businesses afloat. I agree there I agree. So what do we do about that? Today? We learned from Trump. Nancy Pelosi is gay or feed on the new people's concept. Trump is going to get out in front on that. And if by and and the Democrats don't get in position to take credit and make a plan for you, Ah, PPP or government finally and small businesses to get them out of this worsening crisis. 1,000,000 which other stuff going on media making sure it's not. It's not. That won't mean something. It does mean something. Take a look at the polls. The polls are showing that the American people understand this is a failed president. That includes Republicans on what you're finding now. That's what makes it so interesting. Your right pocket book issues. It's the economy stupid, but it's also the Corona virus at six o'clock. I'm going to talk about the Corona virus on the latest revelation from the CDC, which the Trump administration tried to bury having to do with kids going back to school. We'll talk about some other issues, but I can't disagree with the one picture. But I'm gonna tell you Sometimes the American people understand when they've got a corrupt person in the White House. And they're going to have to respond, and I believe they will. I

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