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Protests in the Twin Cities


Our friend Chris Eckert from five Eyewitness News is joining us on location this is the Colleen Bradley show my talk one of seven one streaming live at my talk one of seven one dot com everything entertainment calling Leinster Bradley trainer home thank Chris Eckert thank you for joining us hi Chris hi I will be already goes you know it's a tough day and I know that you know that first hand because you have been covering the riots that took place in south Minneapolis along Lake Street yeah it is it it is it's a weird dates and it's obviously a tough day I don't think anybody ever wanted to see our our city in the shape that is right now and nobody wants to look up and see the national news in the international news talking about what's happening in the Twin Cities I mean it's unbelievable and in we started probably about four thirty this morning everything along Lake Street and Hiawatha area sort of the epicenter where everything was happening it wasn't safe at that particular moment and so we kind of started in the uptown area and even to see businesses in our town get your apple store Thurston's jewelers several businesses there that have the windows knocked out I mean several miles from kind of where the main main writing was going down on and then we just kept heading east on Lake Street and it just got more and more and more unbelievable when you're talking you know I asked me at least fifty plus businesses with windows knocked out and started been taken from the inside and then and that's not even taking into account all the fires and all the buildings have burned down to its still it's just unbelievable it's heartbreaking and you know Chris I struggle because like you know I don't want to do that thing that we have a tendency to do as human beings and go all you know this is my neighborhood but but it is this is always been my backyard and one of the things that I've always loved it at lake St I have said this forever if you want to really experience the cross section of culture in the in the Twin Cities in Minneapolis specifically drive from one end of Lake Street down to the other end of Lake Street because you will see all kinds of different everything from a a mom and pop shop too you know I either are chain restaurants there are chain pharmacies but then you see the mom and pop pharmacies and you see the mom and pop restaurants and you see all the different cultures as you drive from one end to the other you get a feel for what kind of makes up the fabric of Minneapolis and so to have that be the place where this is all happening it just it's like it's rips through Minneapolis that is such a good way to put that and I've always felt that way about which street it is sold vibrant it is still alive and there is always so much going on along Lake Street and in all these businesses and think about all these businesses were already struggling right with the virus and everything that's going on and and now you're looking you see the windows knocked out and she spokes all right we're gonna have to try to start over from yelp I would choose from scratch a lot of the structures themselves are still there but the you know Chicago ridge street liquor store right there main right the middle there across from the travel market I mean they got ransacked they just did a bunch of remodeling there and they didn't even put out a lot of structural damage but the the owners there said it's going to be several days not a week before we can get real connections but this is one example of once the businesses that have been hit so Chris I have a question it's easy to see like the physical scars of this moment happening and and you know we're drawn to pictures and that's why the news is and and what you folks are doing is so important but you also have probably gotten a sense of the scars that you know our internal meaning you've had a chance to talk to some people along Lake Street as you went were there any actually I guess I don't know were you able to talk to anyone along Lake Street and if so what kind of conversations were you having yeah and I'm I'm glad you brought that up Bradley because that is what it it's easy to get distracted by seeing the the damage and destruction and move away from George Floyd staffed and move away from white people are feeling the way they're feeling we were staying out in front of Chicago lake liquors there we talked to a young man his name was what we eat vomit south Minneapolis sees you know since his family's from small yet but he's born and raised in south Minneapolis this is this is his home and we talk and probably for a good ten minutes about why he feels the way he feels and why he feels that this community city Minneapolis continues to turn a blind eye to the needs of the minority community and you know I asked him if if he felt that was justification for people to Saludos Mrs in the burn things down and he said absolutely not because you know I think that's deplorable but but people need to understand that what happened here in the last twenty four hours is something that has been bubbling under the surface for years and years and years and at times as we've seen it does it does explode and in this particular case over the last twenty four hours we've never seen anything like this absolutely I I'm wondering if you can tell us christen today now in the daylight as we've made it through what was really truly a long and difficult night I will say you know you said you were on the scene at four thirty AM that's right about when I woke up and recognized that you know that that the things that I put my head on the pillow that were happening when I put my head in the pillow were still going on and I and I and I dug deep into see kind of where we were as we woke up this morning but can you tell us now in the light of day as the day is sort of shaping up how are our community members coming out to help are there ways that people are kind of coming together on the streets to try to put some order back there are their business all individual business owners I would say probably about seven thirty in the morning when a majority of what I could tell a majority of the crowds it pretty much dispersed that's when you saw these small mom and pop shops and their friends and family gathering with brooms and and cardboard boxes to be able to gather up the pieces of glass and cart you're putting up plywood to try to protect their storefronts and that's when you really saw people yeah I saw a guy just walking around picking up garbage in the back lot who's buying his business and so that that's definitely that's definitely going on I mean it's it's it's pretty daunting thinking about the amount of of clean up it's gonna have to happen I mean if it is something I've I've I've been in the television business for twenty five years and will provide a places and seen a lot of things I I've never quite seen anything like the aftermath of of what happened and no doubt there will continue to be stories for you guys to cover you guys have been on it from the beginning and is there anything you can give us a heads up about in terms of what we should expect today I know I saw there was a press conference earlier with the mayor and city officials is there anything else we should alert our listeners to to make sure they pay special attention to KSTP well I would you say it the problem just a legit alleges a logistical standpoint from being down there I wouldn't I know that there's a lot of people's urge to go down there and take pictures and see what's left I would just try to avoid the area there are a lot of people down there who were you know down there looking at it and imposing and you've got street lights out you've got power out it's just that it it's N. and now's not a time to be some volatility there too because the the third police precinct is right there I would just I would avoid at all costs yeah I I think the next step is were waiting out here when the National Guard comes in and what happens today yeah well Chris Eckert thank you so much for joining us and giving your perspective as a person who is you know right there reporting as early as four thirty this morning and we will just encourage everybody to see two to five Eyewitness News for updates throughout the day Chris thank you so much for taking time to join us yeah I think you guys appreciate it and you know what you can do is keep talking about it there are talk about it yeah thank you you're not talking about it that's that's that's what it's about yeah I have seen you create

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