Who Will Be the Broncos Defensive MVP in 2020?


Said we do have a poll question up right now at KOAA Colorado on Twitter who will be the Broncos defensive MVP in twenty twenty von Miller drill Casey Bradley Chubb Justin Simmons right now von Miller winning this poll Bradley Chubb is you're right there so pretty close I voted for Bradley Chubb by the way okay I voted for Justin Simmons the only because he sees the field the entire the entire season and I I really think you even thinking badly troubled well they they see the field was a ninety percent just the same as a hundred percent I mean pretty much yeah so I mean we're we're splitting hairs I I actually think there's argument for all all four of them I think there is I think you'd even throw in like I said Kareem Jackson I think we can have a argue about Todd Davis will likely leave we can at least leave the team in tackles there's there's there'll still be harassed kit comes away with with big plays batted passes I mean there's there's probably argument for anyone of these guys yeah other then then yeah I I could totally understand that just and you know he's good for the show and you know I enjoyed enjoyed talking to him from time to time but I'm not you know I I look at and and you know we're all big fans Justin Simmons B. last year before all this went down I was like he's going to become a household name by the end of season sort of maybe all pretty but you know I look at these guys and I'm just for my own personal thing and they have a bounce back season knowing how Bradley Chubb is is kind of Courtland Sutton on the defense enters the attitude work ethic all that kind of stuff and he was where it was interesting get to talk to both those guys a buffalo wild wings last year because it felt like it was kind of a new unified narrative between the two you know Courtland brother has sent a lot of the same things very similarly it's interesting because they're off the side of the ball so it's it's it would it was kind of fascinating to you know to see two guys have the same approach would be different sides of the ball that aren't necessarily in the same same meetings and

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