Abigail Shrier on 'Irreversible Damage: the Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters'


Hello and welcome to the James Wilson podcast I'm your host Garrett's networker. Joining us today is Abigail Schreier She is the author of a new book. Irreversible damage, the transgender cray seducing our daughters from publishing. Abigail is a trained lawyer and frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal. She holds an B from Columbia. She received your Kellet Fellowship to study at Oxford where she took a beef ill. She earned her J. D from Yale Law and then served as a law clerk to judge judith, Rogers on the US Court of Appeals for the DC circuit. She lives in southern California with her husband and their children. Also with us on today's podcast will be Spencer. Reeves one of our interns at the James Wilson Institute. Spencer, why don't you get US started? Thanks so much Garrett, and thank you Abigail for taking the time to be here with us today. Garrett and I've already had the opportunity to read your wonderful book, but for our audience who haven't had the chance to read it. Would you mind taking a few minutes? Tell them what your book is about. Sure. So in the last decade, the incidence of gender, dis, Fauria or extreme discomfort in one's biological sex has exploded across the West including the United. States and there are three things that make us think that this is not normal or typical gender dysphoric, first of all the onset has totally shifted from preschool age boys to suddenly teenage girls with no history of gender, dis, Fauria and the sex ratio. Ratio has flipped from young boys to all of a sudden teenage girls. They are the predominant demographic, and the prevalence has gone up by thousands of for percent, so my book is an exploration of a medical mystery why all of a sudden are is the dominant demographic of for Gender Dis of suffering in their biological sex, identifying as transgender asking for hormones and surgeries. Why is it teenage girls with? No history of gender dysphoric it all. Advocate this Garrett one of the major distinctions. Your book draws is between De Traditional understanding of gender dysphoric and what Dr Lisa Littman is called rapid onset gender DIS Fauria are og. Could you take a few minutes to just describe? What's the difference between these two diagnoses and wiser so much controversy around? The jumping off point for book is the Public Health Researcher Lisa Limit, and as you mentioned, and she called these girls who were caught up in this social contagion. She termed it rapid onset gender dis Fauria that that's her term that she came up with for the phenomenon and what it does is it describes a phenomenon of girls who do not seem to fit traditional gender dis for you at all, and we have one hundred year history of of diagnosing and studying gender dis for this is not a new thing. We know about gender dysphoric F and these population of teenage girls. What they're experiencing doesn't look like traditional gender dysphoric at all. It's a kind of build on that whole concept of Aro. GD has received a lot of pushback. Why is that? Well. They play this game right, so they say oh, it's not in the diagnostic statistical. Manual yet. It's not in the DSM five. Well, of course, it's not in the DSM five, because what we're seeing is a social contagion that appeared out of nowhere, and that's why we know it probably has one of the reasons we know it has a strange ideology. It's not traditional, and so it's not in the DSM. When kids suddenly latch onto when teenagers latch onto one explanation from demonic possession to witchcraft to. You, know multiple personality disorder, and you see an explosion of diagnosis. Of course, it doesn't exist in the DSM because what is what it is is a contemporary hysteria. It's a peer contagion so it in an attempt to discredit her hypothesis of social contagion. They say oh. It's not yet in the DSM we'll. Of course it isn't because it's not traditional gender dysphoric at all. which kind of leads the store next question? Which is you? You've said repeatedly interviews on twitter that this isn't a personal issue for you A.. You wrote this book because you're journalists concerned with with truth. There are a lot of lies and misinformation out there. Why would you pick this issue to seek the truth on so reader wrote to me and. She had read I had written. So I'm a lawyer by training. And a reader. I had written a piece on the pro transgender Pronoun. Laws that assign civil penalties to even jail time to people who refused to use someone's chosen pronouns, and we now have laws in two states that do this, and this is just unconstitutional on America and I actually don't even think it's that controversial. If you think about it that it that it is unconstitutional, and the reason is an American jurisprudence is very clear. Constitutional jurisprudence is very clear that you can't make. The government cannot make an American say anything at.

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