Ohio Gov with sober comments about whether college football will return this Fall


Governor. Dewine who I think pretty sure. Ohio has the Ohio State University in there said did he is simply not sure that there is going to be college football or that. It's going to start on time. And this segue into conversation that Paul Finebaum and I had about how fans are obviously the lifeblood of any sport ballparks being full of people obviously enhances the experience football stadiums in the NFL. Being full of people enhances the experience. But to me those full stadiums. Mitch the Big House or any place that we wanNA talk about okay. That experience is essential to what college football has especially become over the last decade? Or so and I don't even know how you can possibly be planning a college football season if you don't know that you're going to have students back on on campuses by the first September.

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