The Fight Against the 'Sheriff Joe' of Massachusetts


Listen I wanted to talk to you. Because of the current case attack happening in Bristol County and the lawsuit that you guys have filed before we get into the recent developments. Can you explain exactly sort of history of this lawsuit? And who you're representing so people get the context. Yes we filed a corona virus class action against immigration and we focused specifically on the detention facility in Bristol County Massachusetts of which is run by the Sheriff Thomas Hodgson who is a a poster child for right wing anti immigrant policies and practices He fashioned self Under mold of Sheriff or Pyo from Morocco County Arizona Who was notorious for his anti immigrant in inhumane practices at who eventually was sued very successfully for discriminating against Latino community Not a first time. Suing the lawless sheriff at here in Bristol County. We have sued them repeatedly And it always pivots on extreme practices against Latinos one of our earlier lawsuit against Bristol County. It's because they were refusing to release Individuals who qualified for sale even though they had no legal basis for keeping them. They were not allowing them to post bail because they were immigration immigrants. Just based on Durham Immigration Status and so we successfully sued the sheriff over those practices of Bristol. County fast forward to this pandemic were seeing the same problems. essentially an institution where immigration trump's public health and that cannot provide any type of support for people who are at risk of Corbin nineteen infection and the conditions in Bristol. County are life threatening. They are unconstitutional. And that's why we sued. We sued because we knew that it was just a matter of time that the Bristol County facility becomes lit with Dacoven nineteen and just lights up like a tinderbox and so our lawsuit is based on the humanitarian release of immigrants who cannot be safely capped in immigration custody. It's what's happened so far from what I understand you. You had a decision that allow for a full out. You know several immigrants to be released. Let's talk there. Let's just keep time. Let's keep tick talking this and when you talk about it when you mean unconstitutional constitutional and conditions. What does that mean exactly in the context of the law? Well the the law is very clear. That detention cannot have cruel or inhumane aspects and so we're talking about exposure to Kovac nine teen and the failure to provide adequate and protections as an added punishment to people right you. You're not taking precautions to prevent the spread of disease and in so doing. You're subjecting. These immigration detainees to illness infection and potentially even death that is not a part of the punishment that is not a part of the detention. And so that's what I mean by unconstitutional conditions. It is that risk very serious risk of infection because the facility has not done enough or or anything really to meaningfully and materially. Protect the immigrants. And so were really happy to see that over. The course of this corona virus class action that we filed in Bristol County we have secured the release of fifty immigrants from the facility. Which is incredible. So tell me about what happened on Friday. At least what you you understand happened. Delegation has been contentious The federal government refuses to release the individuals. And it's really happened through court order. One by one through court order up to fifty now But the situation has been tense and Bristol County. Sheriff Has Gone Fox News and done other media programs to express public enter About the lawsuit to express anger at at me at my legal team at the judge. calling activists Saying that we are

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