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Welcome back to this week and photo. I'm your host Frederik van Johnson. Today I'm joined by Daniel you Cinco. He's the CO founder and the Chief Operating Officer of a company called Pixel Salou and they make some software called smart albums and smart slides. And I think some other things that maybe on the horizon. Hopefully we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about the future of the company but Daniels here to talk about the slide show space and the album space and the cloud speech of how things are changing photographers. Daniel welcome to the show man. How are you doing? Hey Nice to see you here. Yes as well. We've been trying to do the interview forever. So now now you guys went through a launch and the software is out there in the wild. How's it going or people enjoying? Yeah Yeah No. It's it's been good. We've been around now for November. It'll be six years since we launched my sincere album the first version so yeah. It's been quite a ride for sure. Wow I've got a ton of questions for you on that specifically I wanNA talk about the competitive landscape for you. What the software is. Who's it for what problems that it does it solve and all that before we do that I want to? You know you mentioned you've been around for six. Years gives for the people that may not have heard of the company. But how did it start? Why did it start what? What was the entrepreneur problem? You guys were to solve Yeah I. I've been shooting weddings. Since I was sixteen year. Old Kid has been a really long time. I'm a certain to turn thirty five here so I've been in the industry for a really long time. I started. Actually when I was still film days I was learning film. Back then and I just had a lot of Guess back then. You know photography inside. I was teaching workshops. Those travelling was talking doger's and at the same time I had a friend who was a programmer developer. He said Hey. I have some ideas about some cool apps that we can build and you seem like you have a hold on line marketing and photography. Let's do this together. And so that was in two thousand ten so nine nine years ago and yeah we had A. We had an idea back then. It was like an IPAD APP where you could basically create a design that looked like a printed book and you would flip a flip the pages on IPAD and actually went. I just came out. I was one But we made the APP. We spent two years making the APP and we should go to a lot of her. They loved it but apparently not enough to pay us any money so we had one customer the entire time one from Saudi Arabia. Out of all places. I don't why or how that happened. She was very upset when we told her. We are closing the down. So but We we realized that that The big problem is not necessarily showing the album on an IPAD But actually creating it because in order for it to be prepared for the ipad. We had to go through a similar process of putting images on the page and making sure they're all lined up and they look good together and back then. Most photographers use either photoshop. Or in design and in order to upload to our APP you also have to use design and we thought that our project. We didn't have any customers because the process of creating that album for the IPAD APP was too difficult. So we're like oh we should have a companion APP that you can use to make the layouts that would be really really easy and so that was the beginning of smart albums and as we were making smart albums we realized that there is a big problem. Not just You know an IPAD APP design but making it design for wedding and portrait for our food for books and albums be printed because this is also the time where they're called flush mount books whereas the old old school albums you'd have basically openings on the page and you would slip for pictures in there but the new modern albums which were becoming popular. You'd have a entire page that was A whole print and for these albums for flush mount albums you needed to create designs and so we thought. Oh smart albums big grade help here as well to help with our grade printed albums and so when we launched it in November two thousand thirteen it was for the printed albums and they really exploded and change industry because something that used to take in photoshop days and designed probably a whole day. Now smart albums you can make you know in fifteen minutes And Yeah after that we we grew from three people back then to now over thirty people. That's been collect fight it right. Yeah congratulations man. That sounds fantastic. That sounds like the the the ultimate ultimate sort of Silicon Valley for the most part but the ultimate sort of Silicon Valley story of Guy Sees Guy has issued guy solves the issue turns out people like the solution in Bhai. It and the company grows right. Yeah except we didn't have silicon valley money. We have to finance it ourselves. That's the big big difference. Oh Yeah Yeah. I'M GONNA dive into both of these so smart albums and smart slides so just before we do that from from your perspective. How how has the or has the industry changed? You know in terms of what they want. So you mentioned going from sort of slip in prints and the evolution into the full page being a print which necessitated doing layout and design and all that. Have you sitting where you're sitting? Have you seen a shift away? From printing and into more online sharing through facebook can in that sort of thing or is it equal growth on both the physical atom side of the business in electron side of the business. Yeah great question. I definitely seen a shift toward more. Just shooting burn and you know we can the warriors type of approach where Dr Become wedding photography become a secondary job and a lot of cases. But those who try to make it their full time business and they're full-time thing. They realized that in order to make it a full time business. They have to make as much money on each client. That's possible because clients are limited. There are a lot of. I'm sure every photographer watching this will say. Oh my gosh. My market is so saturated I. It's so hard to make it And it's been a lot easier ten years ago. It was a lot easier and so with more photographers Everybody gets fewer clients viewer bride and fewer portrait clients so you have to find ways to maximize the amount of money you make from. Each individual client and prince albums are really really great. Way of doing that because clients want them. Most lines want them. It's just a matter of price and by saving what's might albums by saving time on design you essentially can lower the price tag of the album back in the day. Fifteen years ago malls photographers would tell you. Oh you have to charge something like two to three thousand dollars per hour which sounds kind of insane right now for a typical wedding. Typical bride is GONNA pay again. Typical bride is not going to pay three thousand dollars for album because she knows she can probably find something online. That may not be as great. You know shutter flyer or blurb but may not be as great but she can get something done for two hundred dollars or one hundred dollars and so was allowed photographers to make albums fast allowing them to lower that price tag because now they can afford to charge less for albums and still make it really good profit?

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