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All these idea of a laser has gotten into some trouble well Earl Thomas is laser really got into some trouble this is one of the crazy stories I've ever read now listen not my business what goes on with him and his wife but Earl Thomas was held at gunpoint by his wife in a violent standoff last month over an alleged affair but wait there's more when police arrived they observed the woman with a knife in her hand chasing a shirtless black man with a pistol in his hand around the car wobbly they were identified as Nina and Earl Thomas the seven time pro bowler who turned thirty one today told officers he'd been romantically involved with a woman he was with at the Airbnb where to dispute occurred and that he was working on his relationship with his wife Earl said he left the rental property the morning of April twelve to go home when he got into an argument with his wife about him drinking too much alcohol he said he called his brother Seth Thomas to pick them up and return to the rental home where they stayed with two women he said he was in bed with one of the women when he woke up to the sound of screaming his wife and two other women sets X. commission Carlo and Nina's sister Kayla Bahama Heiser came into the bedroom he was in any pointed the pistol at oh boy whoa boy Nina and then used Earl's Snapchat account to track his whereabouts to a nearby rental and said she enlisted the help of gar low and highs are to confront him she also took his pistol to quote scare him when Nina arrived at the house she discovered Earl and Seth naked in bed with other women I repeat that for you Earl Thomas and Seth Earl Thomas's brother naked in bed with women brothers take it in bad women wife gone struggle things scary all my god what on earth okay first things first this what whatever's going on with this guy's marriage that's not my place I live I have no idea but what are you doing in bed naked what your brother with other women I mean there's got to be other bets there's got to be other places I had just automatically a whole new level of weird spot did you guys see what Earl Thomas wrote as the TMZ report came out today he took to social media Mike do you have that yeah I have that David David you got to read it because the the the casual way that Earl Thomas it's like you got a speeding ticket I repeat to you a fair Airbnb wife handgun you in bed naked with your brother other women three women storming gates listener roles statement David please yeah the role overall Thomas went to Instagram he says I guess I'll be on TMZ in the morning somehow they got a police report with the details obviously this is not how I wanted my birthday breakfast to start out or my birthday but it is what it is here's the other quote I'm reading from an NBC news piece Thomas writes quote stuff like this happens bro we try to live the best we possibly can but sometimes it don't go as planned pray for us as we go through this stuff we're back talking I'm seeing the kids quote stuff like this happens bro one of the craziest stories I've ever read yeah apparently there's a while the police have it is not out of the V. all of any all for all you now because the wise has a gun she points it at him but she doesn't realize this is they're still below the chamber she doesn't really fit the bill in that chamber she removed the magazine yes didn't move what was in the chamber she told the police I don't I don't put the magazine in it for a reason I don't want to actually shoot him well ma'am there's an actual it's it's if you could talk about him talk about a but wait there's more I mean imagine her pulling up to the house and your husband's in bed with his brother another woman it I just don't I mean I just don't understand at an athlete's our you know notorious for being dumb but okay so he's not holding any secret from his wife when she has the the you know his passwords and everything to get into a Snapchat how about you take your location off Sir how about you do that if you're going to be away from your wife if you if you know he's going to have passwords he's your local Asian off Y. decirle Thomas have a snapshot I don't know what is a grown man have a Snapchat everybody has a Snapchat come on actually no everyone doesn't hold as you talk thirty one thirty one I mean adverts ton of people his age of one for sure thirty one years old it's not representing I had no idea if you're saying because he's a professional athlete or rather do you know he could do figure out other ways to talk to people and staff should I get that but I I think there's a ton of thirty one that thirty one year old have Snapchat Hey he just wanted to enjoy his birthday right I mean things happen you know he wanted to enjoy his birthday he almost died on his birthday so there you go breezy right earlier just just trying to trying to understand it trying to figure it all out it was archery good Molina when I read it give me if you think it's accidental hello we'll get to a blitz yeah this they the statement is crazy the story's crazy what a weird turn of events the whole thing you think Earl Thomas will be playing in the NFL again yes a thousand percent you think girl Thomas's wife wants to wake up to another woman Makin bacon with her husband I am what if what if it's her brother in law and they can bacon squared so you and I both know Snapchat's for news and cops yeah I mean that's wow is notorious for for sure all right he has some L. Jack come and do a Snapchat near you he has stepped out for hooking up with women that's why men have Snapchat to cheat that is why does where I come down I Jeez I am I don't know if they can be cut it's not because they are going to cheap but I think a lot of stuff like that happens to Snapchat for sure in your Earl Thomas do you really need a Snapchat you already have Instagram that seems to work just fine for NBA players right all NBA guys got to do is watch put put a couple eyeballs on on a hot models page in the next thing you know she's court side well it's not forcing instead I remember reading about that all I did was put a stupid emoji down NXT you know to girls in town and the court's time it's because my boss what are you kidding me that's it you don't have to delete that's why the leads itself that's why it's so notorious for that too you don't have to go through yeah I guess I didn't work with his wife served breakfast in bed right crazy get a blitz ninety six and one seven one from the W. W. J. A. M. nine fifty traffic.

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