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Crystal Grid Recipe for Protection & Shielding


They have some absolutely beautiful stuff. And in fact some of my favorite jewelry makers I know. Get some of their cabin. John's and beads and things like that from fire mounted I would say that they might be like a tiny bit more sometimes price and you can find things from other places but the quality in general seems to be quite good and most of the people that I know that make jewelry that use them as a supplier are always very happy with them now do they. Across the board have only one hundred percent natural crystals and gems. No I think what you're saying is very common. There are just a lot of places out there. manufacturing stones dying stones creating them out of resins in a poxy all different things but for the most part they have a really great selection of natural crystals silence ages. Do your research ahead of time. Say you're looking for moonstone. You WanNa create some moonstone jewelry Look for common moonstone fakes. For example. Like Opel. Light is a man Made Christo. But it's often or excuse me. I should say manmade stone. It's not a crystal but often passed off as moonstone so do a little bit of research about each tone that you're buying before you actually you know. Open your wallet and Place Your Order. But in general there are some great crystals to be found. Even if the places that you're buying them from how some of those fakes mixed in a good seller will usually tell you that they've been died or enhanced so that you know what you're buying ahead of time and fire mountain. Gems does ship internationally know shipping from North America to the Southern Hemisphere can get a little bit expensive but they do offer some priority mail international or they can ship through Fedex so fire mountain gems might be a really good option for you and Mel also says that they struggle with telling real from fake stones. How do I know what I'm getting is the real thing? Well if you actually take a look on my instagram page at love and light school you'll see just below my bio. There are several highlight reels. And if you scroll through those highlight reels one called krystal fakes. And if you click on that you can see some of the most commonly faked crystals. I'll give you a few tips and hints on how to tell that these are fakes. Really a lot of it just comes from kind of a trained eye. But I'll definitely Show you some things to look out for. That are being sold in the general mineral market as well as in beads and jewelry making supplies so take a look at that crystal. Fakes highlight reel on my instagram. Page at love and light school now. It's time for us to dive into our main topic for today. Which is that crystal grid recipe for protection and shielding. And I know it's really hard to sometimes visualize or picture a crystal grid through just the audio on the podcast. So if you.

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