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Other Worldly or man-made


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I'm your host Kit Chrome today. I'm continuing the investigation into the question of whether flying saucers are man-made or other worldly now this is brought us to the front door of area fifty one. What do we truly know that goes on inside area? Fifty one virtually nothing. There've been several people who claim that they did reverse engineering while they were employed there or saw aliens. These people were discredited. And we don't WanNa go there with our investigation but I will take you back and recap a little bit of yesterday's podcast. All the Russians were storming Berlin search of Hitler. The Americans were sweeping up German scientists under project paper clip and bringing them to the United States to of these scientists were the horten brothers designers with a flying disc. Their designers a prototype for today stealth fighter. You can lock it. Our stealth fighters and look at a photo of their flying disc built by the horten brothers and you can see absolute similarities. But this was nineteen forty five. It was believed that the shape of the disc was likely to withstand travel through space time as they understood it then better than a battleship Einstein believed time as a dimension and that it can be traveled. Just like other spatial dimensions. You can only go to the future through time though at least according to Albert Einstein and remember at this point it's about nineteen forty seven when he's making this distinction with the aid of one of the horten brothers disc was created that would accommodate a crew of three. It was believed that once consumed by a powerful electromagnetic field. Like the Eldridge was the disc would be transported several hundred miles and then returned the test took place in the groom dry lake bed later to become area fifty one but somehow in transport disc was lost until it crashed eight hundred miles away in Roswell New Mexico local military authorities immediately identified. The disk is a flying saucer and three crewmen were removed from the site when the security for Project Rainbow in less than twenty four hours learned to the crash. They sent out one of their home with fake evidence that would validate their story of the crash being a sophisticated radar balloon and not flying saucer. The reason we can confidently call. This fake evidence is because the radar balloons nineteen forty seven. Didn't contain as much metal as was found at the site of the crash in Roswell dates and events contained in this podcast of come to me some I tand some second from several sources involved in top secret security to scientists connected with the horten brothers and Project Rainbow to the best of my knowledge project. Rainbow is still engaged in research. And maybe the cause for so many flying saucers now. The question is come on the flying saucers we see are moving at a tremendous speed an example of some of the technology. That's come out of area fifty one there would make you think there were. Flying Saucers is a special jet engine was tested one night that flew at two thousand eight hundred miles an hour watching this move across a night. Sky would certainly seem faster than anything average person has ever seen including our jets. That are flying over the Middle East at different times forgetting about project rainbow for a moment. It wouldn't be unusual to surmise that the technology within area fifty one is developing extremely high speed. Jet Engines. These would appear to be flying saucers moving at a tremendous speed and then going to a high altitude of seventy two miles much like the youtube spy plane. That shot photos of Russia flying saucers man-made or other worldly was produced here at night will sound studio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and books of adventure fiction life on the edge at KIT CHROME DOT com. Where you can always get your books for free and by internationally known Psychic Medium Sharon Bauer author of the book. Life Eternal love immortal. The you can get a share on Bauer medium dot com. I'm kit chrome. Thanks for listening..

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