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Tech businesses wary of moves to bar brainy immigrants


An executive order last month temporarily suspending the approval of some green cards many in the tech industry pushed back hard. The sixty days suspension does not apply to h. One B. B.'s. `As the visas for high skilled workers that tech companies often used to bring in engineers and other employees but this ETA the big lobbying and Trade Association for the Tech Industry says immigrants have founded some of the country's biggest tech companies. They've contributed to the startup innovation economy in the US and said that if these restrictions go on or get expanded it will hurt the country's ability to compete. Michael Patrick own is the senior vice president of government relations for the CPA. It's huge issue for us. Immigrants and their children have founded forty five percent of the US fortune five hundred companies and that includes tech companies like Intel Amazon. Google and Apple Steve Jobs as father came from Syria. Andy Grove of Intel came from Hungary and Sergey Brin came from Russia. Jeff Bezos is father came from Cuba. Imagine how different our country would be. We'd closed our doors to those immigrants the order it doesn't affect workers who enter the US on H. One B. Visa which is used by many tech companies to bring in workers. But you're still worried just across the board. We have heard rumors that the administration is going to be addressing and putting limitations on h. One B. Visas next. That may something they're considering the near future and we think that would be a mistake. Got It and so the concern not is not just about this existing order which is for sixty days but the idea that down the road the tech sector could be actively hurt by ongoing restrictions will. Yeah I mean it is and also bear in mind. This is a competitive marketplace the the marketplace for the world's smartest people as competitive so of. Immigrants. Don't come here. You're going to go someplace else. They're going to go someplace like Canada. I mean for a long time there was a billboard highway one and it said something like immigration problems. Come TO CANADA. We have a new STARTUP VISA. You've got these. Other countries that are embracing skilled emigrants like programmers and engineers entrepreneurs at the same time the US tightening its borders and these countries these workers create businesses and generate jobs for locals. These immigrants that ends up another country is a win for that country at a loss for us. Is there any argument for the restriction? I mean I know that you know there probably will be people who agree with the president and say America should be first in line for jobs if we have thirty percent unemployment. Well the point is that immigrants. Come here and they create jobs right. It's not like there's a fixed number of jobs to be. Had they come here. They create companies. They create jobs and they hire Americans so immigrants are there a crucial part of our nation's economy and the tech industry. And that's especially true today. Right look around. Immigrants are helping respond to the pan-demic in research. It in AI. In Food Supply. And then as as we come out of the pandemic we're going to need to innovate as never before. We need immigrants and the world's best minds to be part of the process.

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