COVID-19 vaccine sees early positive results


It it appears appears progress progress being being made made in in the the development development of of a a covert covert 19 19 vaccine. vaccine. Here's Here's NBC's NBC's Eva Eva Pilgrim Pilgrim Visor Visor announcing announcing promising promising results results from from early early trials trials are first vaccine candidate is listening antibody levels to neutralize the virus. It is equivalent to or better than what you see people who have had covered 19 The World Health Organization's latest report shows 17 potential vaccines in human trials 132 in pre clinical phase. It's the front runners, according to the W. H O Oxford, AstraZeneca in the UK, Cancino in China and Moderna here in the U. S. Oxford, the furthest along now in Phase three, enlisting more than 10,000 volunteers if found to be safe and effective emergency. Doses of Oxford's vaccine could be ready by October in China. Cancino given the green light for military use, and here, the U. S biotech company, Moderna sets begin Phase three human trials in collaboration with the National Institute of Health this month with 30,000 volunteers if successful, hoping to have doses ready by early 2021 while the progress so far looks promising. Success isn't a guarantee, and experts warn the vaccines themselves aren't the only issue. Developing Snaith and effective vaccines isn't the only challenge. We need to have enough supply. And potentially hundreds of millions of Americans willing to get vaccinated in orderto achieve herd immunity, and doctors say it's key for companies to test large numbers of people both old and young to prove the vaccine is safe and effective. If we sort of cut corners on those things, I don't think we should create the confidence people need, so I think we can get there, but we have to do it. You do it right on. The FDA has said If researchers can show that a vaccine is safe, and at least 50% effective, they will likely approve it for use. That's a BCS Eva Pilgrim from

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