A Mental Health Pandemic: The Second Wave of COVID-19


Experts experts say say the the second second wave wave of of the the pandemic pandemic is is beginning beginning and and will will only only worsen worsen in in the the coming coming months. months. And And now now they're they're talking talking about about a a potential potential mental mental health health crisis. crisis. We We get get more on this live from Kemal's Carleen Johnson. Well, according to the state Department of Public Health. They expect 2 to 3 million Washingtonians to experience mental or behavioral health problems in the coming months as a result of the pandemic, this psychiatrist Dr Daniel Bober What I'm seeing in my own patients is an increase in depression, anxiety, insomnia, and maybe if they were using a glass of wine to take the edge off now they're using a whole bottle, so it's definitely something that's impacted them pretty hard. They call it disillusionment as people realized we're not returning to what was normal anytime soon. It is already leading to a surgeon, substance abuse, aggression and then criminal activity and the making matters worse across the state. Code 19 has caused revenues to tumble for a lot of behavioral health agencies and treatment facilities. According to the Everett Herald and the Homeless County Compass Help, which is one of the main ones has already shuddered several of its main sites due to financial troubles. Some of those may never reopen. Reporting live Carleen Johnson. Come on, is the driver

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