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Euthanized Bill rake off CBS News. This's Southern California's only 24 hour local news and traffic station can extend 70 news radio. Good morning. My mark Austin Thomas. Our top local stories at 12 05 that large brush fire and Santa Clarita has grown to 1100 acres, a 13 year old killed in PICO Rivera following a car jacking. We'll take a look at those stories coming up in just a moment. First traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives at 12 05 Here's Tim Greenwood, two right Lanes closed on the north bound side of the 14 from Solan Dad upto Escondido Canyon. After that long running brushfire off the side of the road, south bound lanes are open. But you have smoke and distracted drivers to deal with CHP still holding all lanes of traffic, North bound and south bound. Because of an injury to car overturned crash on Long Beach Freeway 17 south bound at the 91

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