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A spike happening now in the south and in Arkansas is also seeing a rise in cases. What do you intend to do? Er should you be requiring mandatory mask and face covering use? We all should be wearing masks, face coverings when we go out in the public, or you can't socially distance. We actually entered an executive order. Uh, yesterday Friday in which allows the cities to pass an ordinance that mandates face coverings on and we wanted to have a model so that everybody could have the same standard if they choose to. Adopt them that mandate we're leading by example. I wear a mask. When I'm out in public. This is important for us, because when you want to grow the economy Whenever you want to. Bring people off the unemployment rolls the way you do it is to stop the spread of the virus through covering yourself, protecting others and protecting yourself. You're showing by example. When you're out in public and other Republicans now are the president is not. He not only is not wearing a face covering in public, but he have these huge gatherings over the weekend, South Dakota and again in Washington, D C against local objections in Washington. What example? Is that? Well in terms of the gatherings themselves. You know a lot of work canceled here in Arkansas for the July celebrations, just trying to minimize that exposure. But when you look at a national level, I think it is good that we celebrate our independence. That's a controlled environment. It was outside at Mount Rushmore. I think it inspired many. Obviously, I would like to have seen more face coverings there. A Z in order to set an example. But you have to what you have to do on this virus. And there is a virus fatigue in our country right now, and you have to live life. You can't stop every activity. But you have to be in a controlled environment in which you do protect yourself and others and take it seriously. So there's this balance of reflecting to America. How serious this is and a big a fight that we're in. The same time. Let's manage our way through this so that we can continue to live life even though we're all very, very tired of his car's governor, there was absolutely no social distancing in South Dakota. There were thousands of people there sitting absolutely crowded in and no face coverings as well. They should have been face coverings. They should've followed guidelines there. Uh, you know, I know that it's a controlled environment, so it's really more about setting example. But I know how important this was. The governor known. She has been asking the president about this months ago. This is not something that was set up at the last minute it was planned. And it was a controlled environment. With all due respect, though, if the president wanted to come and hold a rally in Arkansas, as he did in Tulsa Indoors, and in Phoenix, he had a big gathering there, and we've seen Secret service agents and other members of his advance Now sick. Oh, and also from the Vice president's advance in Arizona. Uh, would you let that happen in Arkansas? I would have to be social distancing on worrying of mask. If you can't social distance, you have to follow

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