Following sharp spike in Florida cases, Miami-Dade closes beaches, requires masks


In in the the 20,000 20,000 new new covert covert 19 19 cases cases over over the the past past two two days, days, but but rapidly rapidly rising rising case case numbers numbers like like that that you you won't won't scare scare people people away from the state's beaches this July 4th Including Daytona Beach. Take some personal responsibility. Keep safe, where your mask when it's appropriate, Um, stay away from others. Volusia County Beach Safety Captain Mike Berard's spoke to Fox, 35 in Orlando beaches in Volusia and Brevard County's could see larger crowds with Sandy Shores closed from ST Lucie County south to the Florida Keys. Besides no beaches, Miami Dade County will have no parades or firework shows. To prevent people from gathering a large groups with a Corona virus can spread. We should all try to celebrate our nation's most important holiday with our families and there are ways you can do it safely. Mayor Carlos Jimenez says his county needs the closures as well as a curfew and mask order to keep people safe for

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