New COVID-19 testing site opens at University of Dallas


This was the first day of a new testing site for Koven, 19 at the University of Dallas in Irving Side was packed here with cars wrapped around the campus for most of the morning residents waiting to get tested. This site replaces the A C, which could test 500 day. Same thing here. This one, however, is not federally funded. Instead, the city and county came up with an agreement with a private vendor. Now, before officials were reporting, people were waiting in long lines for up to four hours. And up to a week for results of their tests, they say. Now they're using a different method and they can get results back to a person in a couple of days. This site in the coming days is on ly for Dallas County residents. So if you do come here You will have to bring proof of residency in Irving Austin, York Radio 10 80 carefully

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