Undercover Robot Interview



Hello, this is Bertie I'm here with some big news. I've written a book. That's just been published. It's called undercover robot my first year as a human, and when I say I've written it what I really mean is that I co wrote it with my old friend, what he's not that old, but his name is David Edmonds, so let me introduce you to my collaborator and friend. David, Hi, story, Neue I am a key data old, but anyway we'll pass over that, David. Perhaps you can tell the audience a little bit about undercover robot. Well undercover Bogut is about. About a girl could dotty and dot. He's eleven years old and the thing you need to know about doc- is that she's not actually a girl. She's a robot and she's been designed by a professor Catnip, who is kind of like a dad? And if Dottie can survive for a year at school without being identified uncovered as a robot, she and professor catnip will win a huge amount of money. She lives with professors. CATNIP family who don't know that she's a robot and at school. Most people are taken in, but there's one boy, isn't there? Who's really onto her? Yes there's a guy called Martin strange. Who is trying to expose her and I should explain that it. You actually spot low Bot and identify the robot correctly you win ten thousand dollars, so people are on the lookout to see who might be global in their school. It turns out that there were five robots around the world who are trying to win this prize. And there were people trying to out them. Okay, so I haven't mentioned this yet but David. You're a philosopher onto you and you've published quite a few books. Some of them bestselling books on philosophy and book has. Has Quite a lot of philosophy in it, doesn't it? It's got a lot of philosophy quite well hidden, but the basic issue is quite philosophical, which is where a robot can actually be like a human. Is there something special about human beings that means loobox never copied them, or could really brilliantly designed and built low bought actually not only pretend to be like a human being, but to all intents and purposes be just like a human being, because dotty is very nearly like a human being, but she gets a few things wrong and Some of those things raise lots of questions. Questions in philosophy. What about Dadis first meal at the CATNIP family? How can just having SOPA raise philosophical questions we'll dottie gets into trouble very early on because she doesn't understand etiquette that you're supposed to put your knife in the light hand and the folk in the left hand least in British culture, the old thing about etiquette is that in other societies they do things differently, so it seems a bit different for morality, so for example pretty much every society people think it's wrong to murder somebody, but in different societies, people have different kinds of approaches to meals and food in some. Some societies you're supposed to burp loudly to show your appreciation. which little girl in the story does, doesn't she? The little cabinet goal does BURP and dotty Kapisa dotty copies. dotty assumes that that's what you're supposed to do. dotty can't quote workout which rules a supposed to be universal, which will supposed to apply to the whole world, and which rules exposed to apply just a maybe British society, or maybe just to the catnip household where she lives because at school there, lots and lots of rules aren't there and lots and lots of detentions it. It's a very strict school and dotty has. To navigate the school as well, but she doesn't want to be too good, because if she's good and doesn't get into any trouble. That would be suspicious. That will be like not a normal kid fact. She has a misbehavior quota, doesn't she? She's allowed to misbehave. I can't remember that eight percent of the time or twenty percent of the time we discussed it a lot, but of course she overshoots a quota quite a bit and gets into lots and lots of trouble. Yes, she also has to get what her designers programmers called friendship point she has. has to try and make friends with people in her class to show that she's capable of meaningful human interactions. There's a girl Kohana. WHO's quite a rebel who becomes her friend? But there others that she really annoys like Cindy Low, isn't there? I mean most people find quite lovable, but she can be a bit irritating sometimes. Yes, she can sometimes take it literally, which other people find really annoying. humor is sometimes be off, so she sometimes doesn't get palms, and at least the early stages. She's not very good at picking up the subtleties of human. Human Interaction and that's why she gets into so much trouble. We're not going to say everything, but it does build up to a very big climax, and some really crazy stuff starts to happen almost surreal stuff that you as a philosopher I believe. Call a thought experiment. You know if you imagined this crazy thing could happen. What would that mean to philosophy? Yes, store a few thought experiments, the something that happens when dottie is in a zoo and wild animal escapes, and it looks like it's GonNa head for and possibly injured possibly even kill a bunch. Bunch of kids and don't has to decide very quickly where we should try to strap the bear, and pointed as it were in another direction, but the problem with doing that is that it would put other people at danger. Fewer people sadate estimate this decision wherever to save thirty lights, but at the cost of paps, killing five people, and not just any five people as it happens to people she would endanger would be members of the family that she lives with

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