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Senator Cory Gardner, John Hickenlooper And Andrew Romanoff discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Is a dereliction of duty in that case, and if he was briefed, and nothing was done about this, that's a dereliction of duty. A day after Republicans were briefed on the matter. Top congressional Democrats got the same treatment minority leader standing. Hoyer says there's no evidence to back up the president's claims President called this hoax. Publicly. Nothing in the briefing that we have just received fled, made to believe it is a hoax, a judge in Atlanta said. Bond for fired Cop Garrett Ralph it $500,000 Ralph charged with felony murder and the caught on video killing of Ray Shard. Brooks attorneys for Brooks, his family say they're disappointed, but I understand it's just one step in the process. You're listening to ABC News can't win Use radio time is 11 02 former Governor John Hickenlooper Cruise to a 20 point victory over Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic primary for U S Senate. Now he's singular focus is Republican Cory Gardner, the man he hopes to unseat for John Hickenlooper. There was little time to celebrate his primary victory over and Rome off in a virtual message, he predicted an onslaught of negative ads were becoming his way in the general election. He claims. That's because current Senator Cory Gardner can't run on his record. They can defend Cory Gardner tryingto to gut people's health care. They can't defend Cory Gardner's supporting tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations, and Hickenlooper took some time to flex his political muscle. I've never lost in election in this state. And I don't intend to lose this one. There's far too much at stake. Jury Bell Kayla News radio. It was a tough night for former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff is obviously not the outcome we were hoping for in a virtual speeds. Romanoff said He learned that there were far more important things than losing an election. His father passed away a few days ago, he told supporters They gave everything they had and came up short. This is on me, Andi. I accept responsibility for the outcome. I wish that we could have done more. Not sure what that would have been. Romanoff says he will support John Hickenlooper's bid to unseat Cory Gardner in November. Governor Pulis's closing bars and night clubs across the state for 30 days as Corona virus cases in Colorado.

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