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And. Kristin. It's awesome to have you back. I know last time we were talking a lot about child. Development and Development Ages Zero to two and I know. Your child is getting older How is your child growing impacted your thoughts and ideas? With with child development, and and how they're coming along. While it just confirms what I was saying at first. Any type of blue light or screen time is the number one enemy to children development, and what I mentioned. Is that what people don't understand? Is that these stimulus like your tablet, your cellphone smartphone? BIG-SCREEN TV all those types of devices emit blue light, which is one of the strongest dopamine receptors stimulator. It's so strong in fact that even in adult it can desensitize those receptors very easily. That's why it's addictive. Because when you stop doing it, you feel like crap. You feel depressed because you don't have the dopamine stimulation, the pleasure neurotransmitter that is strong enough to compensate for that going on, and how the Prom is that a child's brain. Is Not fully developed and much more fragile, and a stimulus is just way too strong for their brain to handle. You can actually permanently. Damage, the dopamine receptor, sensitivity and adult. If he becomes desensitized, you can do it what what's called a dopamine fast like you stop basically any type of dopaminergic like a YouGov, are kind of all phones and. Stuff like that. You Stop Smoking. You don't take drugs at similar dopamine and within ten days you can. Basically you regain your sensitivity charts. It's the damage. You're going to have a child with low motivation. IS PRONE TO DEPRESSION ONTO ZION? It's something you want. Also. There's a very strong connection between the efficiency of the dopamine system and learning especially motor learning the reason is that children learn by reward system? So for example your your child is on the floor on. His belly doesn't crawl yet. E C a few on the Florida. You wants to reach, and you will find a way to reach it, and when you reach at the dopaminergic response gives him a big pleasure. Response will motivate him to try again to learn new stuff so learning especially motor learning is driven by the motivation to get that dopaminergic a response, so if you desensitize dopaminergic receptors, motor, learning and learning period will impair like Jaden. When he was like He. He's like twenty one months old now or something like that When he was eighteen, he already knew all of his alphabet, so he knew all the letters. And you could actually spell his name at eighteen months. So that's a pretty good. E- knew something like. One hundred twenty five words and normally at eighteen. When we went to the doctor, they said nobody a child should learn at least three words by the time these months old. The actually wanted one. We went to the doctor for eighteen month checkup. The wanted to do a TV show with us because the is level of a of development adjusts like crazy, but that's when the code Kuban crisis happened, so we didn't do it. Again. I'm not saying that I'm smarter or is exceptional. It's just that the the lower dopaminergic over-stimulation and the fact that both my wife and I are mostly at home, so we can actually plan. Learning experiences sped up development now that led to some issue that we might need to resolve. Is that by over stimulating? We basically became the only source of his development and is. Slightly lacking in social conflict like when he's around, other people will just basically freeze, and it will take him up two or three minutes of. Is the situation to be somewhat comfortable then again. I'm like that so that might be genetic might not be my teaching thing that's. Always, learning frankly do better things, but I think the biggest thing is still. Diminish like balloon exposure as much as possible Apparent is a coach. That's the another child best friend you not is. Is Boss. You're a coach. You should approach like a coach. You should lamb experiences so that the child can learn and try different things, so that's the main thing, and then of course what I'm doing different now is that we are at an age where he needs to become more more autonomous more doing things. Bhai himself so now we find that the EU really loves tractors, so we can actually play with his tractors in San for eight hours straight, so that allows me to do a lot more job, but more work, but that's the next step at first as a coach you you give him as many different experiences to develop his motor skills is absurd skills. Is Memories stuff like that is coordination and more and more advances in needs to be able to do is on staff. Set the activities you wants to do and create is on game, so that's pretty much

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