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News, big news for the auto industry, but also a big point here for organized labor in the US. Looking at these markets here as we close out the hour, the S &P 500, it's up a half of 1%, NASDAQ up 7 .10, so 1%, a little bit more life there. So we're seeing some nice moves there. 10 -year Treasury, 4 .28%. The dollar giving back a little bit here after a very strong couple of days. Sound On with Joe Matthews starts right now from Washington, DC. Is that actually what will decide this race? Federal spending combined with too -lax monetary policy has produced this 40 -year high on inflation. China policy is driven basically by domestic politics. American families are finding themselves further behind the eight ball. To get anything done in this Congress, it's going to have to be done in a bipartisan way. Bloomberg Sound On with Joe Matthew on Bloomberg Radio. First, an alternative to China. Welcome to the fastest show in politics. As President Biden makes his way home from the G20 in India, along with a stop in Vietnam, after drawing contrast between America's economic vision and China's belt and road. But will it matter? We're joined in studio with Bloomberg White House correspondent, Michelle Jamrisko, and we'll talk with Craig Singleton from the Foundation for Defense of Democracy is fresh off his op -ed in The New York Times. Analysis from our signature panel. They're both back with us today.

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