Ali Velshi: America Dodged a Bullet but the Gun Is Still Loaded


If you want the news, where do you go, Chris? Where'd he go, Travis? America's news, man. Ali belty. That's right. And here he is again. Good morning, Ali velshi. Good morning to you, my friend. It is great to see you again on this Friday morning. It's a Friday's always a great long day for me. And this is my, you know, this is getting my blood flowing in the morning stretches. Yeah, yeah. Right. This is your stretch for your weekend. And I have my your pillow. Yes. If my pillow, not anything relevant about my pillow, I just thought I'd bring my pillow. You know, I was going to read this tweet to you because this is where we find ourselves. You having to be a news reporter in this day and age. Patrick tweets, a pillow magnate, just had his phone seized by the FBI at a hardee's in connection to a fired reality TV host trying to steal The White House and I'm begging the writers of America season 246 to please stop drinking for even one day. Do you not feel like that when you're just like, who else was it? Oh, somebody, oh, Don said, it seems almost written that Trump will be picked up at a McDonald's. Who was the other guy in a clown wig at dairy? And dairy Queen. The guy that said Trump is going to be reinstated. But that's real. That's real. Ally. Where do we find ourselves at this juncture? The problem is, and as I've traveled around the world, it's all like this, right? It's all stuff that you could discount as not sufficient to make a movie plot. The type of lawyers Trump surrounded him with the four seasons landscaping thing after the election. It's all the Christina bob as his lawyer. It's all like that except two problems are occurring. One is they actually did real damage and continue to do real damage. They actually ruined real people's lives. So aside from people who were killed on January 6th, a lot of people were duped who are now going to jail. And Donald Trump continues to phone in to their rallies and things like that and encouraged. Not a bit of remorse. If I ever did anything that caused another human to spend a night in detention, I would be racked with remorse forever. But number three, which is the most important is that everybody looks at that stupid clown car and says, you know, they weren't going to succeed at this, which is not entirely true, right? But for Mike Pence making a decision at the last minute, our democracy could have been fully imperiled. There are a whole lot of smarter people out there who aren't part of the clown car. Who aren't Rudy Giuliani who want to buy who aren't, you know, all these lawyers that he's got who are looking at this thinking, um, I can figure out a way to get this right so that isn't a pillow guy and a McDonald's and all of this kind of stuff. That's actually what I worry about. The too many people look at this ridiculousness and write it off as, wow, that was stupid and ridiculous. But we didn't really Dodge a bullet. We actually really did Dodge a bullet and we better be careful because the guns got more in them. Yeah, this has caused one of America's premier newsman Ali velshi to bring an actual prop on a morning radio show. You actually brought a pillow because if I want to be really good, I'd have a pillow and a phone because the pillow magnet had his phone set. That's right. Now, you're going to cover that this weekend about by the way, it is not easy to see someone's phone, right? I mean, there have been a number of phones. Tell us about how you're covering that this weekend. Well, so I want to try to make sense of it, right? Because of the January 6th committee, there's the Department of Justice investigation in which Merrick Garland seems to have woken up to the idea that despite the possible damage and martyrdom of Donald Trump, if he's indicted for anything, the Department of Justice has to take this seriously and in a timely manner. So the DoJ has seized a bunch of phones. They put out a bunch of subpoenas. Now keep in mind, we got, we got Boris Epstein. He had his phone taken. And Mike Roman, who was a campaign strategist for Trump had a phone taken. The pillow man had his Jeffrey Clark had his phone taken back in June, Dan scavino, the social media director, had his and Bernie kerik. Former commissioner of the New York police, who was working with Rudy Giuliani in overturning the election, had his phone taken. It is very hard to take somebody's phone, by the way. The Department of Justice can't do it as a fishing expedition like Donald Trump likes to say. You can't take a phone for purely investigative investigatory purposes. You have to have probable cause of a crime and convince someone that you do. There's a high bar to getting someone's phone. Now, my confusion is that when it comes to pillow guy and guys like that, I feel like they've said all the quiet parts out loud on either fox or whatever crazy outlook will have them. So I'm curious as to what could possibly be on their phone, but they haven't already said they're being sued by dominion voting. They're being sued by all sorts of people. So I don't know, but I will say this that between the January 6th committee and the Department of Justice, they've all been very deliberative, more deliberative than many of your listeners are my viewers would like them to be. We took them to move faster in some cases. They've been very deliberative. So if they're getting the stuff, one of two things is happening. They know there's valuable information on those phones or it's information they already know and they are now calling these guys in or looking at their phones to say, we already know this. We just need further corroboration before we place charges or things like that. So those two things are happening and I don't know which. Right. So this special master ruling, we just talked to Glenn kirschner about it. I mean, it's just, it's getting harder and harder to sort of cover, first of all, I don't even know how you keep track of all of these stories of lawbreaking, and which crimes are being investigated by who. But you know, I mean, I guess Trump has succeeded once again in at least delaying. Yes, that's exactly what it is because the special master has to get through the documents now by November 30th. Which, you know, the Trump people had wanted three months. The Department of Justice and wanted less. November 30th, the one, the one thing about that, and I guess the Department of Justice doesn't care to get politics involved in this, but there's a sort of political thing happening between now and November 30th and it's November 8th, right? It's the actual midterm elections in which it does seem that some Republicans and conservatives are disgruntled by the degree of criminality that seems to surround the former Trump administration and Trump today. And so that's the frustration that why November 30. This is just a delay tactic. There may or may not be some documents that were seized that were inappropriate, but generally speaking, the FBI and what's called its filter team do a relatively good job of this. So this is just going to be a way to do what Donald Trump has always done. One day, perhaps Donald Trump will face the music. Yeah. He's very, very, very good at delay, and that's what the special master essentially. Yeah. Speaking of politics, our Republicans trying to lose the midterms. Let's talk about the Lindsey Graham's proposed. Right? That's exactly right. And now this stunt was desantis and Abbott, you know, illegally flying migrants in some cruel prank. So it's cruel. It's cruel and the cruelty seems to be the point. I'm not sure that moves the needle politically all that much other than gets Democrats who were thinking of not voting. To vote. But I think abortion may have done that anyway. So I think you're seeing a lot of energy amongst Democrats, which you wouldn't have seen in the midterm typically. But the Lindsey Graham thing just weird, right? The

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