How Much Trouble Is Joe Biden In? Chris Kohls Weighs In


You may not have worked in government, but you know what dang lot about communication and how to effectively communicate. It looks as if anybody in any kind of position of communications in The White House is jumping the ship from Kamala's speechwriter to Jen Psaki. Jen Psaki seems like such old history. It doesn't it? If I say gen so it feels like years ago that she was who is that? Yeah, who is that? What is going on as a professional communicator? And supplier of content, do you think they're just out of steam? Is it just changing of the God? How much trouble is bow jaiden in? No, jud. Yeah. When Korean John Pierre took the job, it was a bit shocking. I don't know if you remember the first month that she was there. Everybody just thought, what is going on? How can they have somebody who can't read? I mean, she was literally like, anytime anybody asks her a question, she'd flip to the page. Well, one second I just have to find my okay talking points. I will read them for you, and she would read them verbatim, whatever was written down for her. And she had trouble reading it. She can't actually read the notes, Chris. It's incredible to this day she can't read what's in the binder. I understand, look, look, guys, if you're a trucker, you work in construction, you don't have to read out loud as your job, that's not part of your job, okay? If you're not good at that, don't get a job in communication. Korean Jean Pierre goes into a job where, as press secretary, where she needs to read off her talking points and she can not. She's like a second grader learning to read out loud in front of the class and she's obviously like completely incompetent. I think has a lot to do with the diversity hire problem. On the left, there is this virtue signaling thing where they say, oh, you know, we can't have white men, right? We can't have men generally. We have to have women and preferably women of color and preferably preferably women of color who are lesbians and immigrants and all this kind of crap, you know, they got like this a couple of trans dudes in there. There's just peppering their whole administration with all of these diversity hires. And of course everything's going to fall apart. Of course

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