Don't Miss What John Zmirak Has to Say About the FBI Raid


John, you and I need to process what we couldn't process yesterday. Something unprecedented, something that I still am having a hard time making sense of, at least on some levels. But what happened the other night, why don't I let you tell the story? It is one of the most bizarre things certainly in my lifetime. I don't know what to make of it. I was on the phone with our good friend Jason Jones, wonderful human rights activist pro life back to this. And he told me the FBI has just rated Donald Trump's house in Mar-a-Lago. And I tell you, and I have a column about this coming out today. I had a feel. I had this experience. I had the feeling I had when I heard that news. Was the same feeling I had on 9 11. When I heard that the towers have been attacked, that The Pentagon had been attacked. We didn't know who did it. It might be Russia. It might be China. We had no idea at that point. A feeling like I'm in an elevator with a cable has snapped. I had that feeling one other occasion. The day in 1990 one when the hard line communists in Russia tried to overthrow Gorbachev and reimpose hardline communism. I had that same feeling of absolute vertigo. Like I was leaning out the window of the Empire State Building, looking down on an abyss. And I'll tell you why. That day, I realized that for most of my life, I assume that I knew how I would die in a nuclear war. There are nuclear explosions. I would not have grandchildren, but not of children. Nobody would remember me because all my Friends would be dead and everything I had ever known would be destroyed. That's how I grew up assuming I would die. And I had nightmares about it, where I would see my body get burned up by a blast wave or see myself dying of radiation in the wake of a nuclear war. And I was just that was the endgame that I assumed for my life and the life of everyone I knew. Until Gorbachev and Reagan worked out sort of ratcheted down the Cold War, I realized that on some level this dark certainty that had hung over my life had gradually lifted. And on that day in 1991, when the look like the communist generals were bringing back the Cold War, it all came rushing back. And I had a sense like I was falling. Same thing on 9 11 and the same thing yesterday. When I heard that the president of the United States was using the FBI like the secret police in Honduras or Guatemala or Venezuela or Liberia or Congo. We are in a lawless regime that will do anything to cling to power.

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